how to fight

A friend of my humorously mentioned that Donald Trump protester Andrew Joseph Alemao should receive a humanitarian award for his tomato throwing response during a hate-inspired political rally by the presidential candidate.

Our conversation went as follows:

me: No. Violence begets violence. Disrespect begets disrespect. And disagreement is not best expressed in what one should consider enlightened culture (you know, those of us who advanced past say the 1600s) with anything that doesn’t resemble some attempt at enlightened communication. For as much as anyone might think of Trump as a media whore and a political clown this kind of behavior only encourages the continuance of said activity and plays into that immature, uneducated, unenlightened existence of ignorance and idiocy. While I enjoy the embarrassment of Trump tomato throwing only encourages the shitbags who enjoy him to then do the same and likely with something potentially more, well, damaging than a fruit.

friend: He encourages his goons openly, I just hope they were rotten tomatoes…lol I don’t usually encourage violence, but this is already done, I’m glad someone fought back at least once, I think the point was made

me: agree to disagree. just because someone starts with petty violence doesn’t mean you should follow through with petty violence. and that’s what this is disruptive petty violence, it is as shitty and disrespectful as someone intrupting the president by yelling ‘liar.’ It’s a lack of class. It’s a sign of ignorance and shitbaggery. It’s childish and immature and not representative of what any of us should be trying to demonstrate is who the people of the US are to one another or the rest of the world. Encouraging tomatoes at Trump is going to lead to something more deadly at someone else, perhaps who you might support, later on. It isn’t a road you want to go down. Beat them with intellect. Beat them with action. But don’t beat them with physical abuse in this kind of situation. Otherwise you might as well be with the Bundy clan.

friend: Agreed to disagree, I totally get what you’re saying…. you gotta admit it’s mildly humorous mostly because, nobody throws tomatoes anymore, who the fuck throws tomatoes these days…lol

me: As a fan of early 1900s slapstick that included lots of rotten produce sure, as someone who remembers the backlash of 2008 Bush and the shoe among many other incidents I would not like to return to the olde days for fear it ends up stifling debate even further than we’re already experiencing.
One needs to Rise Above as much as they Rise Against.

friend: I think you’re getting old….lol

me: I got this old by out thinking rather than outpunching. It world thus far, I think I’ll stick to it — wink emoticon


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