quick shot: the midseason recap

When I drafted this season’s fantasy hockey team I wasn’t quite sure how much I’d actually participate in the league. Between continuing to adjust to the new job, the pregnancy and a bit of fantasy sports burn out after an underwhelming baseball season I figured I would probably set the roster once and coast, especially since a lot of the league lies pretty dormant for long stretches.

So far, I’ve ended up adjusting it more than I anticipated and I even made a few moves to strengthen things which is good because despite being in first place currently, I don’t have much of a lead. I don’t know how many times the top four have shifted but we’ve done the do-se-do a couple of times so far with no one able to really pull ahead. That group however has actually put some distance between it and the middle teams. It isn’t unfathomable one of them could challenge us or one of us could fall back to the middle but we’re getting to the point where that becomes harder by solely relying on the current roster & some simple waver wire transactions. The bottom teams though are pretty secure to the bottom.

When I initially drafted I was fairly heavy on the Right Wing which I don’t think I actually realized at the time and to be honest, part of the problem lied in some guys are listed at one position on our site and another position on other sites from having played multiple positions over time, being mis-listed from having switching positions and it not being updated, or because of general error. That being said, what’s here is how they appear to me which influenced how I approached some of the moves I made.

Most notably early on I entertained trade offers for RW Phil Kessel (Pit). I’ve had him for a few years as a keeper during his high flying days in Toronto. My expectations for him were high enough to retain him despite what I anticipated being a rough transition to Pittsburg (for any number of reasons). In order to balance my left side out I needed a quality chip. If I stay in the league moving forward I’ll need stockpile some kids. After entertaining some really ridiculous offers I flipped him for 22 year old LW Johnny Gaudreau (Cal) and 23 year old G Petr Mrazek (Det). The trade worked out nicely as the team of was trading with was both light on the right side and carrying four goalies as well as being eager to pick up an actual big name star like Kessel, despite his middling numbers this season. Honestly though, Gaudreau was flying a bit under people’s radar at the time and is now an all star and it would have worked out fine as a one-for-one trade. Mrazek I think is clearly under-appreciated with Howard still on the team (though having lost the #1 starter role) and grabbing him as a pairing with Holtby was much better than Anderson so I dropped him.

RW Jordan Eberle (Edm) has been an enigma for me, not just this season but in the bast as well, so he ended up heading to the wire for C/LW Leo Komarov (Tor) as he provides a some extra positional flexibility as well as an upgrade in stats. At the time he was just beginning an upswing and the timely pickup then has worked out to an all star appearance.

First an injury to D Mark Streit (Phi) put me behind and then the injury to D John Carlson (Wash) obviously threw a wrench in my blueline but D Francois Beauchemin (Col) has substituted in nicely for both. We’ll see what Streit looks like now that he’s back and Carlson shouldn’t be that far behind so this could prove to be a log jam and either an interesting trade-bait situation or a frustration of dropping the wrong guy at the wrong time.

The current roster, as it stands at the ASG break:

LW Alex Ovechkin (Wash) – all star capt.
LW Johnny Gaudreau (Cal) – all star.

RW Vladimir Tarasenko (Stl) – all star.
RW Mark Stone (Ott)

C Anze Kopitar (LAK)
C Tomas Plekanec (Mon)

C/RW/LW Filip Forsberg (Nash)
C/LW Leo Komarov (Tor) – all star.
C/RW Gustuv Nyquist (DET)
C/RW Evgeny Kuznetsov (Wash)

D/F Dustin Byfuglien (Win)

D Brent Burns (SJ) – all star.
D Justin Faulk (Car) – all star.
D Roman Josi (Nash) – all star.
D Mark Streit (Phi)
D Francois Beauchemin (Col)

G Braden Holtby (Was) – all star.
G Petr Mrazek (Det)

IR D John Carlson (Wash)


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