quip: knowledge is wasted on the aged

you know what I find sadly ironic?
these posts about how someone did “that” in their “youth” and not “this” in the “present” complaining about the ubiquity of both technology in general and communication specifically and yet they are posting a fucking meme to their facebook page.
Double standard much?
Maybe you should also reconsider those pretentious posts about “remember this” as a way to passively aggressively shame those who were in reality too young to have experienced it first hand. Wanna know something amazing? A lot of them do know what that stuff is, they are young, not fucking ignorant. Retro is cool, dumbasses. Some of these kids could not only tell you what that stuff IS they can find you NOS versions if they’re still available which you wouldn’t be able to do in you wildest dreams.
I’m all for shitting on ignorance, but please, don’t think because you’re “old” it makes you especially experienced. The only experience age has taught me is that I still have a lot to learn. If you haven’t gotten that lesson down pat yet your age in reality is not worth the dead trees your post-marked birthday cards are still sent to you on wink emoticon


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