was that another kick

For more than a month and a half now there’s been a challenge of experiencing our little padawan’s in utero movements. While my wife is privy to every which notion to this point I’ve only really had the opportunity to either see or feel anything of note.

I was beginning to think I was “doing it wrong.” It was never a question of if I was too dumb as a father to notice it, but more maybe if certain elements of my senses might have been dulled to keep me from experiencing it. My wife tried everything to help facilitate it and I love her dearly for never talking down to me as I struggled to come to terms with what she was experiencing, especially as I gave her every open door by making fun of myself for not feeling the movements that were making her so uncomfortable.

This weekend our little padawan was eccentric. They moved a lot and I experienced it. They did it with what she called thrusts and turns where she can tell the difference, unfortunately, I cannot. What I felt were seismic shifts. Sublte to the naked hand, to the unexperienced, and yet brutal to one who was dealing with each and every one externally felt or not in intimate ways.


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