quip: a sweet potato

My wife and I are using an app to track the different events in our unborn’s development. It routinely provides quirky real world examples of how things are going, like the little mass of cells is the size of a pea or it’s not the size of a peach. Well, the most recent one was a sweet potato, but not just any sweet potato, a five and a half inch one. To which I commented
hey, look our little sweet potato is the size of the average male penis
It prompted a smile and a seriously retort, to which I then noted
It does say it weights five ounces right now. If there’s a five ounce penis out there someone might have a problem…
This happened without even considering any of the implications of what I was saying contextually on the train. The thought came into my head and I expressed it. I might want to work on that in the near future…


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