mixtape: mouse presents heavy e40

I am your host the doormouse, coming to you from the Isle of Misfit Toys bringing you the metal punk and hardcore from within the mosh pit hell and this is the e40 edition of mouse presents heavy.

Yeah, that would make me friggin old, now wouldn’t it?
There are worse things I could be.

Since returning to the airwaves a couple of years ago there are certain thematic shows that reappear annually – the birthday edition is one of them (year two). It is a chance to do a theme about me, or rather remember the date in which my mother birthed me about nine months after … well, you know.

Anyway, the legacy of music in my upringing is already well covered throughout the blog so I won’t rehash the stories of being a percussionist or my years working in the music industry or how my Dad and uncle introduced me to 70s hard rock while finding Iron Maiden’s Somewhere in Time in Columbia House Record and Tape Club made me metal and so on. What you need to know is that e40 is a journey through all the years that heavy music have influenced me as a musician, as a dj and most importantly as a person. Without what music, especially metal has brought me over the years I wouldn’t be here today tracking out another MPH noise radio on KAOS radio Austin.

Because of the influence of music, once again, I invite you to check out the Mr Holland’s Opus Foundation this year. I was always fortunate enough to have great public education music programs, extracurricular musical opportunities and private lessons throughout my childhood but most kids won’t have any of that. Your contributions and donations provide musical opportunities to kids in communities where politicians made bad budgetary decisions and reduced or eliminated music education and extracurricular performance experiences despite the overwhelming evidence it is an integral part of the learning experience and healthy communities. Your efforts provide a wide range of both in-class and extracurricular opportunities for these youth to learn, to perform and to grow as humans together.

e40 is my way of giving back some of what I enjoy and providing a little additional insight into who the mouse really is . This year’s show I’m fortunate enough to intro a brand new Iron Maiden song. At 40 themselves they’re troopers and the new song is killer (puns intended) so it’s an honor to begin the show with it. And, furthermore, second track in is another personal favorite, Soilwork who celebrate 20 years together with a new track that has me all fist pumping and smiling too.

I tried to pull off a show without repeats, only to look back on last year’s playlist while writing this and realize that I managed to double up a few like Atheist and Amon Amarth anyhow. One might say that means over the last 12 months my listening stagnated with those bands or one might speak to the staying power of those particular songs (both of which are somewhat correct).

Unfortunately, I again missed pulling together something of a progressive segment and punk fell by the wayside too as the limitations of only two hours to program strangled the playlist down to just this. That doesn’t mean I listen to those bands any less, or that they aren’t at the top of mind, but rather, one of the criteria for e40 was to improvise the set on the fly and the results were what happened. Next year, maybe I’ll make better notes on what I keep missing and make a better effort to expose it on the show.

In the meantime, here’s e40 sans notes, because there really weren’t any:


Iron Maiden “Speed of Light” (2015)

Soilwork “the Ride Majestic” (2015)
Scar Symmetry “the Spiral Timeshift” the Singularity
Into Eternity “Embraced by Desolation” Buried in Oblivion
Darkane “Bound” Rusted Angel
Nightrage “the Puritan” the Puritian (2015)

Indecision “Hallowed be thy Name ’98” To Live & Die
Vision of Disorder “Beneath the Green” Still
Disembodied “7 Stitches” Heretic
Converge “Homewrecker” Jane Doe
Norma Jean “Bayonetwork” Oh Go, the Aftermath
the Dillinger Escape Plan “43% Burnt” Calculating Infinity

Lamb of God (feat. Chino) “Embers” Sturm und Drang (2015)
Carcass “Buried Dreams” Heartwork
Death “Individual Thought Patterns” ITP
Suffocation “Depths of Depravity” Pierced from Within
Atheist “Fictitious Glide” Jupiter

High on Fire “the Black Pot” Luminiferous (2015)
Entombed “Bitter loss” Left Hand Path
Crowbar “Planets Collide” Odd Fellows Rest
Gojira “L’enfant Sauvage” LES (watch fade in and out)
Amon Amarth “We Shall Destroy” Deceiver of the Gods

Testament “Practice What You Preach” PWYP


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