mixtape: Manson Provides Hate

Normally, when discussing mass murders of any kind, I prefer the focus to be on the victims so the face of suffering transcends the face of evil. It’s a noble thought, but unfortunately, since the advent of the psychological identification of the serial killer, mass murders personalities in general have become bigger than the crimes they commit. The epitome of that might be Charles Mason, who was a mediocre mass murderer himself but the leader of an iconic clan of of murders in his name and that of Helter Skelter that grappled the American, and in some ways the world’s, ideal.

Lost in that mess of Manson’s passing friendships with pop culture icons and the up-and-coming California scene were those who he and his followers killed and the wreckage that became of the American psyche idolizing a killer over respecting the dead. Learning about the Manson family influence crimemuseum.org might give some perspective but I also implore you as you listen to the show to look up the vast number of victims of not only the Manson Family insanity but that of all the mass murders past and present so you can put a face to the victims: Followers led by Charles Manson murder pregnant actress Sharon Tate (wife of Roman Polanski), coffee heiress Abigail Folger, Polish actor Wojciech Frykowski, men’s hairstylist Jay Sebring and recent high-school graduate Steven Parent specifically.

In that, I intend to provide you with a metal, punk and hardcore look at what that is in this weeks’s @mphnoise edition of the KAOS Radio Austin broadcast.

It is a soft look at the songs of murders and chaos, overlords and death that make up the metal, punk and hardcore elements of the aggressive genres. It is not meant to glorify anything but I would be remiss if I didn’t include a song from the show’s macabre namesake, “a Poem About an Old Prison Man” which is a the words that Decapitated turned into a song for the album Organic Hallusinosis but beyond that I avoided any reference to Manson as some kind of folk hero or reference that might allude to positives of what the murders could be perceived as.

The new songs of the show include Lamb of God, Upheaval, Elitist, Dew-Scented, Tears of Requiem which span a nice range of sonic variance from full on modern metal to tech to throwback melodic death to post-djent hardcore which is always what makes MPH fun as it traverses subgenres in a way that’s hopefully smooth enough that only snobs tune out and everyone else tunes in more intrigued by the transitions.

Not a lot for requests for the show mostly because I didn’t have enough time to pre promote and poll listeners for them … but in the interim I did rip off a few outstanding older requests like At the Gates and Skinless and I included at the last minute Faith No More because, well, why would I not given the theme and the bands recent NYC appearance, which was Epic… I have to admit, in transcribing my notes it’s sparse, a lot more was lost than I expected, unfortunately

#Manson Provides Hate
Decapitated “a Poem About an Old Prison Man” Organic Hallusinosis (Charles Manson cover)

Upheaval “Divine Command Theory” Cathegrism (2015)
Sepultura “Murder” Arise
Skinless “Overlord” Trample the Weak (cue :30)
Aborted “Prolific Murder Contrivance” Slaughter & App
Abnormality “a Chaos Reserved” Contaminating the Hive Mind
Thanatos “the Murder of Innocence” Global Purification

Lamb of God “Overlord” Sturm und Drang (2015)
the Black Dahlia Murder “a Shrine to Madness” Ritual (cue 0:51)
Revocation “Chaos of Forms” COF
Bleeding Through “Murder by Numbers” This is Love, This is Murderous 43
Xerath “the Chaos Reign” III
Faith No More “Surprise You’re Dead” the Real Thing

Elitist “End Game” self-titled (2015)
Whitechapel “Murder Surmon” a New Age of Corruption
Impending Doom “Murderer” Baptized in Filth
Skyharbor “Chaos Insurrection” Blinding White Noise
Fear Factory “Depraved Mind Murder” the Industrialist

Dew-Scented “Ode to Extinction” Intermination (2015)
Arch Enemy “Revolution Begins” Rise of the Tyrant
Byzantine “Receiving End of Murder” Oblivion Reckons
the Crown “Revolution 666” Hell is Here
Xenosis “of Chaos and Turmoil” OCAT
At the Gates”Order from Chaos” At War With Reality

Tears of Requiem “the Rage in Revolution” Retributions (2015)


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