mixtape: My Psycho Happiness

Today (well yesterday technically), back in ’59 Walt Disney’s 13th animated film, Alice in Wonderland, premieres in London, England, United Kingdom.


That’s more than enough reason for a psuedoname of the doormouse, dmf to perform a radio show.

Charles Lutwidge Dodgson was an artist including a writer (of poetry and prose), photographer and visual artist, as well as inventor, linguist, mathematician and Anglican cleric as well as politician and popularly familiar under the modern pen name Lewis Carroll. His influence ranges far beyond the oft-characterized children’s literature of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to creating the precepts for word puzzles like the basis for Scrabble and Boggle to the proofs for Kronecker-Capelli theorem and the development of the Alternating Sign Matrix theorem as well as other technical works captured in Memoria Technica and theories about electorial politics, philosophy and religion captured in his other writings.

@MPHnoise is an outgrowth of this pushing of boundries, including that of Disney’s re-interpretation of Carroll’s works and their creative license to combine, crash and coalesce all the different ideas that came throughout the range of Carroll’s major output. Throughout everything I believed Carroll could have been was the alter ego of the doormouse, dmf as a DJ and this week’s show is but one interpretation of that


This week’s show celebrates Wonderland with new songs by Subconscious, Chaos Plague, When Reasons Collapse as well as classics of reason and logic by Darkest Hour, Chimaira, Feared, Cryptopsy, Gorod, Origin, Edge of Sanity, Strapping Young Lad, Skinless, Heaven Shall Burn, War of Ages, Envy and much more. Learn about adaptations of Lewis Carroll’s works, supporting young writers and all the usual banter to keep you (in)sane.

the End “Never Ever Aftermath” Elementry

Subconscious “Into the Unknown” Veil (2015)
Tracedawn “In Love with Insanity” Tracedawn
Elitist “Reshape Reason” RR (watch fade in intro)
Darkest Hour “Another Reason” So Sedated So Secure (fade piano outro)
Chimaira “the Impossibility of Reason” tIoR
Feared “Psycho Logic” Furor Incarnatus (watch fade in intro)

Chaos Plague “Fall of Reason” Existence through Annhiliation (2015) (cue :10)
Humanity’s Last Breath “the Aftermath” Structures Collapse (watch intro)
Cryptospy “Voice of Unreason” …and then you’ll beg
Gorod “Diverted Logic” Process of a New Decline
Origin “the Aftermath” Antithesis

Edge of Sanity “Aftermath” Crimson II (watch fade out)
Trial of Tears “Obedience in the Absence of Logic” a New Dimension (cue :10) (watch long intro)
Borknagar “Reason” Universal
Strapping Young Lad “Consequence” SYL

When Reasons Collapse “WRC” Dark Passengers (2015)
Heaven Shall Burn “Return to Sanity” Invictus
Skinless “the Frontlines of Sanity” from Sacrifice to Survival 30
Bloodthurst “Imaginary Reasons” Chalice of Contempt
War of Ages “Aftermath” Pride of the Wicked
Salem “Coming end of Reason” Collective Demise 45

Envy “a Far off Reason” Compiled Fragments (cue :25)


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I am I. That’s all that i am. my little mousehole in cyberspace of fiction, recipes, sacrasm, op-ed on music, sports, and other notations both grand and tiny: https://thedmouse.wordpress.com/about-thedmouse/
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