mixtape: mitterrand provides help

François Maurice Adrien Marie Mitterrand is a controversial figure in politics and world history. He is, to date, the longest-serving President of France, serving as a leader of Socialist Party, under the nations Fifth Republic from 1981 until 1995.

During a time when there was tremendous instability in the world, and early in Mitterrand’s service he made the brand new President Ronald Reagan of the USA aware of Programme Farewell during the Ottawa Summit. Farewell was an undercover affair of spies for Directorate T. collecting Soviet and Eastern Bloc hardware and software by spies (aka “Line X”) and funneling them through the French to the West without which Reagan and his new government would have been inept to the advancements behind the Iron Curtain particularly in the knowledge bled out of the Farewell dossier in nuclear arms development.

Reagan passed this French acquired Soviet documentation on to William Casey, his Director of Central Intelligence, providing them with information dating back as long as a quarter of a century of covops and which alluded a larger Soviet spy network to eventually be cracked through data in the Farwell Dossier by the American, British and French intelligence agencies.

This week’s MPHnoise celebrate the French influence on metal punk and hardcore here on KAOS radio Austin. The French for a long time were relegate to their Franco-Canadian hybrid, of which is stupid-amazing in-and-of itself, but as of late the Franco-metal out there is stunningly astute combining the best elements of British doom, American hardcore, Norwegian black, Swedish death, Italian art and Canada’s well we’ll call that personality … or French music including new mosh by Fractal Universe, When Reasons Collapse, Fallen Voices, Upheaval plus neveau-classics by Gojira, Gorod, Eths, Anomie, Inborning Suffering, Lofofora, Alcest, Carcarias, Phaze I and more. Most of the aforementioned were indirect requests … bands people mentioned when I was collecting franco-metal or had recently mentioned I should incude.

I think mitterrand provides help French Metal actually shows how far the genre has come even from a few years ago when a feature was a bridge during a Oh Canada Metal and even last years Marche Pour l’Honneur edition.


Gojira “the Link” the Link

Fractal Universe “Boundaries of Reality” BoR (2015)
Deep in Hate “Virtual Supremecy” Origins of Inequity
Gorod “Diverted Logic” Process of a New Decline
Dungortheb “Sad War” from Extracting Souls (cue :12) **
Carcarias “No One Will Survive” Hell & Torment

When Reasons Collapse “Breaking the Silence” Dark Passengers (2015)
Uneven Structure “Awe” Februus
Eths “Cerebellum” III
Anomie “Manipulation” Anomie (end 2:56)
Lofofora “Contre les Murs”
Guerilla Poubelle – Demain il pleut

Fallen Voices “Fields of Cathartic Souls” FoCS (2015)
Awake in Sleep “Cold Waves” AiS
Alcest “Shelter” Shelter
Amesoeurs “Faible des sens” Ruines Humaines **

Upheaval “Twist of Fate” Cathegrism (2015)
Fractal Gates “Illusional Dementia” Altered State of Consciousness
Deficiency “the Flaw” the Prodigal Child
Phaze I “the Guide” Phaze I
Plebeian Grandstand “Fail in the Bliss” Lowgazers

Inborn Suffering “Another World” Regression to Nothingness


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