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The International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet is a phonetic alphabet developed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in the 1950s and gained influence through it’s use by North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). It’s a subset of the INTERCO standards that includes morse telegraphy as well as standard flag, light and sound signaling.

Although it wasn’t yet en force during World War I the close association of it to the military as well as the use of early precursors to it between the English and French speaking soldiers during the first Great War the phonetics became the working title of this week’s MPH.

Although the war began in 1914, this year marks the 100th anniversary of the US involvement in the war. 7 May 1915 German U-boat SM U-20 sank the British liner RMS Lusitania carrying among it’s dead 128 US Citizens. Guided by a national isolationist sentiment President Woodrow Wilson declared the US was “too proud to fight” publicly while engaging in both through negotiation with the attacking Germans and covert operations aiding the Western Alliances beginning in 1915 and running through till 6 April 1917 when the US formally declared war and joined as “Associated Power” to the Allies.

This week’s Mosh Pit Hell on KAOS Radio Austin pays tribute metal, punk and hardcore’s love of war themes and hosts a very special guest, DJ John Sia. John marks the first full-show cohost I’ve had onboard for MPH and it was a pleasure having him onboard, contributing most of the setlist and some great commentary along the way. We know each other from back in my music marketing days when he was broadcasting out of WARY. It was good times to bring back some of those memories and make some new ones.

The first time I covered this type of theme was the original War Metal episode from the previous MPH broadcaster, Party 934. I pulled a few odes to war out on additional shows but not since Marking Persecution and Holocaust which was last year’s WWII themed show, have I hit on a specific war them that I can remember. The Mike Papa Hotel edition splits the difference between just being war inspired and being world war thematic.

There’s songs that directly reference the war and its atrocities such as Sabaton, System of a Down, Defeater and Sacriphyx as well as more general references to war and suffering and even a new song by Feared to help give balance to some of the classic Slayer and Megadeth.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable show to produce. John and I have had many, many discussions about the social and political implications of both the world wars as well as about music so sharing the mic with him combining the two for a couple of hours was great. Now, all we need to do is convince him he should guest appear again!


Sabaton “Cliffs of Gallipoli” the Art of War (watch bleed out of show intro into this)

Whitechapel “Our endless war” Our Endless War (cue 1:10)
As I lay dying “War ensemble” Decas (Slayer Cover)
Dying Fetus “In the Trenches” Reign Supreme
Humanities Last Breath “Product of War” Structures Collapse
Within the ruins New holy wars
Lamb of God “contractor” Wrath

Megadeth “Polaris” Rust in Peace
Metallica “One” And Justice for All (cue :18)
Sepultura “Filthy rot” A-Lex
Soulfly- Call to arms 3
Slayer “Mandatory suicide” South of Heaven

System of a down “Pluck” SOAD (Politically Lying, Unholy, Cowardly Killers)
36 Crazyfists “Only a year or so” the Tide & Its Takers
Defeater “Red White & Blues” Lost Ground
Bloodsimple “Death from above” Red Harvest (cue :15)
Biohazard “Domination” Uncivilization (feat. Corey Taylor/Slipknot) (cue :28)

Feared “War Feeding War” Snyder (2015)
Strapping Young Lad “Aftermath” SYL (watch ending into dimmu intro)
Dimmu Borgir- Puritania (cue :05 watch transition out)
Ministry “Death and destruction” Last Sucker (watch intro!)
Fear factory “Hi-tech hate” Obsolete (cue :22)

Sacriphyx “Flood for the Front” the Western Front (watch time!)


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