mixtape: Metropolitan Peoples Hell ’15

It is that time again. Time for the mouse to espouse all the wonderful things about New Jersey and why Jersey Pride is so important to have. It is, of course, Be Nice to New Jersey week!!!

Growing up at venues like Maxwell’s (Hoboken), the Birch Hill (Old Bridge), Krome (South Amboy), Starland (Sayerville), Cricket (Irvington), the Wellmont & Bloomfield Ave Cafe (Montclair), Connections and Dingbatz (Clifton), the Stone Pony, the Saint, Wonderbar, Asbury Lanes, the Berkely Carteret Lot, Convention Hall & Paramount Theatre (Asbury Park), Conduit, City Gardens, & Joe’s Mill Hill Saloon (Trenton), School of Rock & the Skate Park (Paramus), Obsessions (Randolph), Elizabeth Sports Center, and a tonne of basement shows out of the Brunswick area I took in more than my fair share of local, national and international artists as only Jersey can present them. Most of it was good, some of it wasn’t, but the memories will always remain – at least those that I still do remember.

There’s plenty to love about Jersey Music which was what inspired one of the earlier mixtapes posted on the blog, the Dirty Jerz. Since then, my return to the airwaves a few years back produced the original Be Nice to Jersey week edition of the show, aptly titled Metropolitan Peoples Hell.

The tradition continues this year, albeit with somewhat of a heavy heart as the local scene mourns the loss of the Minster of Sinister, the Tink. The Tink was a fixture at shows from Maryland to Boston but his home base was Wilmington, Delaware. The TINK Inc pretty much covered VidDREAM Television, on air since 1979, his FM broadcast time including WVUD since 1995 as well as a print zine, a web presence including a blog and social media, and whatever else the heavy metal santa clause could give back to the scene with. He was a mentor to me during my years in radio promotion, a companion at far to many shows even after I’d left the music industry and a great person to know. RIP Tinky Winky!

As for the music the Tink and I loved so much, this year’s edition of MPH noise dives headlong into the New Jersey metal, punk and hardcore scenes once again. I tried to capture all the range and diversity that coalesced through all the divergent influences that make the Garden State’s scene but with only two hours, as usual, some big names were left off.

I am mostly happy with this year’s show though, as it really produces a wide range of oft-conflicting sonic qualities and while I would have loved to have touched on a bit more of the emocore and punk as well as some of the more traditional prog what did make it on had a good flow and was able to lend itself to some in show story telling which is always fun. Furthermore, I made an effort to pick up a few acts that missed last year to help create a more complete sonic interpretation of the state if you take both shows together. The set also spans both classics and new material demonstrating the ever evolving landscape of the state’s “sound.”

All in all it’s a Jersey Strong group of songs that I enjoy, and I hope you will too as you mosh out to this year’s edition of the Be Nice to New Jersey week show:


Policy of 3 “Daniel Day” Anthology (Central Jersey, though they often toured as a “Philly” band for recognition sake)

the Bouncing Souls “True Believers” How I Spent My Summer (New Brunswick)
Lifetime “25c Giraffes” Jersey’s Best Dancers (cue :02) (New Brunswick)
Misfits “Die, Die My Darling” Earth AD (Lodi)
Adredaline O.D. “Sightseeing” Sittin Pretty (Elmwood Park)
Ensign “Hold” Direction of Things to Come (New Brunswick)
the Banner “Rattlesnakes” (Bloomfield)
Suburban Scum “Nature of the Beast” Hanging by a Thread (Freehold?)

Fit for an Autopsy “the Travelers” Hellbound (Jersey City)
Strychnia “War Sermon” Reanimated Monstrosity (Dayton)
Burnt by the Sun “180 Proof” Perfect is the Enemy (New Brunswick)
Luddite Clone “a” (Bridgewater)
the Binary Code “Encircled” Priest (Bergen, although they have a strong Brooklyn connection)
Dischordance Axis “the Third Children” the Inalienable Dreamless (East Brunswick)

East of the Wall “Fleshmaker” Ressentiment (Keyport)
the Postman Syndrome “Amputees Make Bad Swimmers” (Keyport)
the #12 Looks Like You “Imagine Nation Express” Mongrel (fair lawn)
Folly “Don’t Shoot the Piano Player” Insanity Later (Sussex)
Nora “Nobody Pictures of the Drummer” Losers Intuition (Highland Park)
the Dillinger Escape Plan “43% Burnt” Calculating Infinity (Morris Plains)

the Wage of Sin “Defeating the Purpose” a Mistaken Belief (watch fade ending) (founder Rachel’s Brooklyn roots are Milhouse/Indecision/Most Precious Blood but the band has strong ties to Montclair and several NJ bread memebers)
Fortheloveof “Saturate” In Concequence (New Brunswick)
God Forbid “Broken Promise” Determination (New Brunswick)
Ripping Corpse “Rift of Hate” Dreaming with the Dead (Red bank)
Whiplash “Red Bomb” Power & Pain (passaic)
Overkill “Bring the Night” Ironbound (Old Bridge)

Black Label Society “Bored to Tears” Sonic Brew (watch intro and outro fades) (Zakk is from Bayonne and family in Jackson)

PS do something nice in the Tink’s memory and make sure a new generation of head bangers gets a musical head start, support http://www.littlekidsrock.org


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