mixtape: moshes per hour volume 3

moshes per hour There are certain show themes for MPH noise that naturally occur year after year. Moshes Per Hour enters year three based on a playlist I’d begun even before the show began. There are some strict rules in which I define what a breakdown is and from that the show was born and from that definition the show was built again this year.

The difference between volume 3 in 2015 and the previous couple is that there are no duplicates this year, much to some moshes chergrin. It was really tough leaving some heavy hitters off the show this year but I think what it produced was a different look at the interpretation of the mosh. Some artists made it again because what they do song after song was too undeniable and the show does need that continuity, while others, like Lamb of God I not only missed their new song that I didn’t have in time for the show but also the alternate classic that was requested because I ran out of time, but new Skinless completely obliterated the spot that it would have taken anyhow. Same with the Dillinger Escape Plan this year, where Rolo Tomassi filled in and tore it apart – which also left me with the question, ‘how did I not know RT before??’

The beauty of this this year’s show is the Cornell and Stanford studies regarding mosh pits when from being something a few nerds passed around to becoming memes and several more studies by the Echo Nest I think using Spotify data, Bandcamp using it’s own data and I think it was UMass using Facebook open data looked at the loyalty and emotional attachments to music and determined the extreme genres, metal first and foremost and punk as well as “secondary” extreme genres where the most unique among listeners in their attachments. While it’s one thing to look at era heavy music mainstreames like: 80s “metalheads” who loved the glam part of the genre or 90s “grungers” and use the post-punk part of the genre and compare it to the persistance of the other non-counter culture devotion, it’s quite another to include the affects of how counter culture persists and not only does extreme music exist as a counter culture much larger than normally credited it persists in a way that blinds all other genres over time. That gives new meaning to metal for life.

What’s notable going into this week’s show then is that #MoshesPerHour vol 3 builds upon it to a new degree. I missed some obvious mosh and didn’t get to really hit the pure punk or the traditional thrash aspects of the genre but got to take the screamo and the death metal ends to their conclusions while also hitting the hardcore and metalcore roots along with the tech/math end a bit further thanks to some great requests both realized in the show and thematically touched on based on listener feedback. It was a fun show and the notes after the jump feature details on all the songs.

As with all shows, MPH noise on KAOS Radio Austin featured a not for profit and like in years past it was a dance focued one, this time childrensdancefoundation.org. I love how the show easily ties into the needs of the community and although mosh is not a typical type of schooled dance maybe on day someone will figure out how to use the acrobatic moves based in yoga, the martial arts, tough guy gymnastics and random imitation of life like pick up change, the lawn mower, the windmill, the pogo, along with the circle pit and wall of death running man ideas as a way to express art or induce physical fitness…

Regardless, the mosh is the mosh, self expression from the depths of the soul. The show is an expression of the soul of metal, punk and hardcore in its most primal and physical form. I wish it was a three, or four hour show in order to incorporate everything I could think of. If I get a chance I’ll reedit the post with quotes from the bands like last year, but in the meantime, enjoy getting your one-man dance moves on at your desk.


Pantera “Domination” Cowboys From Hell – mosh (cue 03)

Rolo Tomassi “the Embers” Grievances (2015) — mosh 2:30
Glass Casket “Too Scared to Live” Desperate Man’s Diary — mosh 1:55
Converge “Conduit” When Forever Comes Crashing — mosh 3:20
a Plea for Purging “the Slaying…” a Critique of Mind — mosh 1:25
Ion Dissonance “the Surge” Minus the Herd — mosh most of the song #ByRequest
Carbomb w^w^^w^w “the Sentinal — mosh 1:08 maybe? the whole damned song flits with it #ByRequest
Ed Gein “She Creeps” Bad Luck

Alesana “the Acolyte” Confessions (2015) – mosh 2:00
Haste the Day “Walk On” When Everything Fails – mosh 1:30
a Day to Remember “a Shot in the Dark” For Those Who Have Heart – mosh 2:00
From Autumn to Ashes “Cherry Kiss” Too Bad You’re Beautiful – mosh 1:00
Norma Jean “a Grand Scheme…” Redeemer – mosh 2:20
Mercury Switch “Valley of Vengeance” – mosh 1:40 **

hardcore punk
When Reasons Collapse “Bitterness & Grief” Dark Passengers (2015) – mosh 2:35
Most Precious Blood “Two Men Enter…” Merciless #ByRequest – mosh 1:55
Martyr AD “75/25” the Human Condition – mosh 2:00
Hatebreed “A Call for Blood” Perseverance – #By Request mosh 2:25
Strife “End of Days” Witness a Rebirth – mosh 1:50
Walls of Jericho “All Hail the Dead” AHTD – mosh, it begins on the mosh! (cue :35)
Unearth “My Desire” Stings of Conscience

Skinless “Only the Ruthless Remain” OtRR (2015) – mosh 1:30 &3:00
Aborted “the Holocaust Incarnate” Engineering the Dead — mosh 2:53
Suffocation “Pierced from Within” PfW — mosh 2:20
Neuraxis “Clarity” Trilateral Progression
Cryptopsy “Cold Hate Warm Blood” Whisper Supremacy
Despised Icon “Poisonnariat” Comsumed by your Poison — mosh 3:00

Biohazard “Urban Discipline” UD – mosh 3:02

**btw, I worked with MercSwitch back in the day but somewhere in all my moves I’ve lost my MercSwitch catalog. I absolutely LOVE this band and if you happen to have their catalog please, please, please contact me because I would really like to get my hands on more than the couple of songs I still have access to

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