Quick shot: One-two punch

It was a most enjoyable fantasy hockey season. Not just because of the outcomes, but because the leagues were fun in-and-of themselves as was the hockey season on the whole. The Caps returned to the post season after an unfortunate year off and in the process I was able to witness my first Caps game in ages, in DC, for the Winter Classic thanks to my sister … the Habs also made the post season on the back of perhaps the best Canadian’s goalie since my dearest Patty Roy … and most importantly friendships were strengthened over cocktails and corsi. Picking up where the mid-season recap left off here is where the season wrapped up…

Team One – Jeepers Creepers how bout those keepers

Several seasons into this keeper league and my initial early draft position and first year success has paid off in dividends with another first place finish. The biggest thing that saves me in this league is there is no +/- so it doesn’t matter how aweful guys like Nyquest or Faulk or most glaringly Yandle (or Ovi was in years past) because we all know that +/- is not a representative on the player’s ability anyhow.

Essentially, the team didn’t change at all from the mid-season moves. A few short term pick ups and a permanent shift on Okposo for Plekanec which all things being equal might be a good longer term payoff, we’ll have to see who I hold next season assuming I play again.

The biggest thing I think separates me from the competition is really the defense I carry. It’s a couple of top 50 all-skater guys but moreso, it’s a an entire corpse that’s top-30 among D overall, and the flexibility of having guys listed as F/D does occasionally open up some interesting combos on light days.

Yeah, and how about that goalie tandem. Would you have bet on that at the beginning of the season? Makes having let Price slide a few seasons back kinda ok. Eh, maybe not, but I’m ok with how it’s turned out. Price’s owner struggled for a top four finish.

LW/RW Alex Ovechkin (Wash) won another Richard Rocket trophy by lapping the field in goals, in special teams goals, in shots on goal, game winning goals, fifth in points solid in hits and so on and so forth.

C/LW Patrick Marleau (SJ) Top 50 in assists
C/LW Alexander Steen (Stl) Top 45 in goals, Top 30 in assists
C Anze Kopitar (LAK) Top 10 in assists, top 30 in points (but definitely under-performed)
C/RW Phil Kessel (Tor) Top 40 in goals, Top 50 points
C/RW Gustuv Nyquest (DET) Top 30 in goals
C/RW/LW Filip Forsberg (Nash) Top 35 in goals, top 35 in points
C Tomas Plekanec (Mon) top 40 goals
RW Jordan Eberle (Edm) Top 40 in assists, top 35 in points

RW/D Brent Burns (SJ) Top 20 in assists, Top 50 points
D/RW Dustin Byfuglien (Win)

D Keith Yandle (NYR) Top 15 in assists
D Mark Streit (Phi) Top 25 in assists
D Justin Faulk (Car)
D Johnny Boychuk (NYI)

G Braden Holtby (Was)
G Devan Dubnyk (Min)

This lineup was what I took into the playoffs as the first seed so I got a bye. It resulted in a great matchup where the bottom team knocked off the top seed in the first bracket and hit me while most of my guys were running strong and that carried to the end. I will never complain about that kind of run

Team Two – Blue is number two

My first place situation to begin the season collapsed pretty quick in the waning days of the season. It was awkward to slip from first down to sixth at the lowest point before eventually bouncing back northward to forth. The playoffs were mostly favorable for me but I just couldn’t get over that last little hump to regain the first place spot when all was said and done. Part of it was unintentional neglect (I didn’t make much in the way of last season changes), part of it was under performance in the roster, part of it was riding the wrong horse for certain games, particularly in goalies and tertiary point earning.

I ended up with this run of guys

Nicklas Backstrom
T.J. Brodie
Oliver Ekman-Larsson
Filip Forsberg
Marian Hossa
Duncan Keith
Ryan Kesler
Bryan Little
Evgeni Malkin
Patrick Marleau
Daniel Sedin
Alexander Steen
Mark Streit
Shea Weber

Devan Dubnyk
Braden Holtby
Henrik Lundqvist

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