mixtape: WHMPH pt 3 the 2015 edition

WHPMH edition of MPH on KAOSradioAustinWeek three of the Women’s History Metal Punk & Hardcore edition of MPH noise is here after a brief one week layover in Trondhiem, Norway by way of an unexpected trip to Union, NJ. KAOS radio Austin returns to it’s “regularily scheduled broadcast of mosh pit hell.

Yesterday’s show is a ‘dedication’ of sorts to my late grandmother as part of the #WHMPH mindset of honoring women. She was a working woman nearly all her life in so many different roles and capacities so when I discovered that yesterday was a milestone in employment equality it only made sense to shout her out in the context of a show that would also include coverage of womenemployed.org. I’m a firm believe of equality and since I also know that unabated equal treatment is not part of the human condition I’m also an advocate of pressured equality in any number of ways. But we’ll leave that for another time.

I’ve tried to keep the show balanced over the last few weeks with classic and modern and between the different subgenres and I think that continued through this weeks show. It’s a little grittier I think in some ways that the previous ones but that’s only because the progressive element of the show tends to hail less from the gothic symphonic influence and more from the art-core and blackened end in some ways. It’s also lacking a straight up hardcore punk set in lue of probably the most classic female hard rock leaning set I’ve composed, but it’s one which has a distinct punk-influenced flavor running through much of it. All, in all, it’s a show I enjoyed particularly for a few notes:

Karen Crisis. I absolutely love this woman. She’s the embodiment of artistic endeavor, she’s one of the most dynamic aggressive vocalists this side of Ben Ben Falgoust, and she holds a strong personal tie to a bygone era in my career in both college radio and my early days in the marketing end of the music industry. I met her at Coney Island High during a time when it replaced CBs during a brief shuttering and I have memories of haning out at Burittoville back in the day among other lower Manhattan haunts before Crisis reclused itself to the west coast, we lost touch and they eventually disbanned. Crisis was beyond genius for their time in a way that defied not only genre-fication but nearly every other classification because they were the rainbow of the extreme music community. Every project since just seemed to expand her range and showcasing three in total was a lot of fun.

The Sirens: Kari Rueslåtten ex The 3rd and the Mortal makes this a cool project, Liv Kristine from Leaves’ Eyes and ex Theatre of Tragedy makes this something definitively notable and Anneke Van Giersbergen ex the Gathering among her many credits makes this a not-to-miss (For all the reasons I love Karen Crisis above, I can make so many parallels to Anneke). And, yet, I have to be honest, the original songs they scored together are a bit on the underwhelming side. I would be remiss with my love of the trio to not include it but I hope if they expand on the offering in the future they’re able to forge a new mold rather than piecing together the broken mold of symphonic-prog-goth predictability their other projects had originally cast. Still, divine to hear them together.

The Old School: Take aside the throw-in absolute favorite of the Bangles Less Than Zero soundtrack contribution and consider the set blast through what it did from women fronted bands that were undeniably better in the 80s than their male counterparts and arguably as good as the elites for the 90s bands it was a fantastic look back – one I need to ensure I do more frequently I think …

And, on that note, here’s the way the show played out with few edited notes (you don’t want to read what I wrote, I couldn’t read the chicken scratch to transcribe it anyway, yeah, I still program on note cards!)

the Sirens “Sisters of the Earth” SotE (Liv Kristine (from Leaves’ Eyes, ex Theatre of Tragedy) Anneke Van Giersbergen (ex The Gathering) Kari Rueslåtten (ex The 3rd and the Mortal) (2015)

7 Year Bitch “24,900 MPH”
Girlschool “Demolition Boys” Demolition
the Plasmatics “Stop”
L7 “Fast & Frightening” Smell the Magic #ByRequest
Veruca Salt “Volcano Girls” 8 Arms to Hold You
the Runaways “Cherrybomb” (modern day super group with notables Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Lita Ford, The Bangles, Cherie & Marie Currie, Sandy West Band, Currie-Blue Band, The Orchids etc)
the Bangles “Hazy Shade of Winter” Less Than Zero (Simon & Garfunkle cover) #ByRequest

Kylesa “Running Red” static tensions
Circle takes the Square “Non-objective Portrait of Karma”
Epistasis “Witch” Light through the Dead Glass” (2014) #ByRequest
Allochiria “K” Omonia (2014)
Peccatum “Veils of Blue” Lost in Reverie
Eths “Inanis Venter” III

Gospel of the Witches “the Alchemist” (2015)
Ephal Duath “Stardust Rain” on Death and Cosmos
Crisis “Kingdom’s End” the Hollowing #ByRequest
Otep “Blowtorch Nightlight” Hydra
Shocker Stalin “Us” Shock This
Drain STH “Simon Says”
Iwrestledabearonce “Your know that ain’t Them…” Ruining it for Everybody

Time in Malta “Grant’s Stand” a Second Engine (feat. Kate Lamont)

this show, again, is dedicated to my late grandmother

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