mixtape: WHMPH pt 2 the 2015 edition

WHPMH edition of MPH on KAOSradioAustinWeek two of the Women’s History Metal Punk & Hardcore edition of MPH noise brings you the mosh pit hell via KAOS radio Austin. I love this show because it feels, in some ways, so unexpected, both musically and timing wise.

I really do love doing this show, there’s no two ways about it and the whole women’s theme as contrived as it could be offers some unique ways to be uniquely creative in the normal MPH way by day… The show in celebration of US Women’s History Month lands on Internationally Women’s History Day (or World Women’s celebration day, or whatever it is being called right now) and thusly, ends up being a great showcase for the contributions of women worldwide… be it in bands effectively challenging the preconceived notions of music or for an organization like herjustice.org challening women to obtain their equality.

The show this week covers a lot of ground and making it flow musically was a big challenge, like last week, since it’s also a one in three, or four, for perhaps five episode edition of the theme. There’s some new music that I’m excited about, some killer listener requests that helped provide a path and the rest is filled in with some classics (nuveau and true). There’s a couple of highlights that stand out:

the Hardcore set: Specification aside Bloodlined Calligraphy, Walls of Jericho and Oathbreaker are unmistakably brutal with that faux-melodic catchy that makes the genre accessible Passengers is bringing it and although the Wages of Sin don’t get enough credit for their contributions because of their offshoot lineage, personally, for me, Rachel’s influence on Indecision and Most Precious Blood is worth more than mention on it’s own as a defense of tWoS without selling the all-girl group short. That set is cranium crunching, just enjoy it.

Unsun: I love the the melodic development of this band and their songs, it’s something about how simple it develops into being these soaring metal chorus’ in the line of say Iced Earth, Priest, or Maiden without being some kind of retro derivative of them. In the set they are centered in Mader Mortem, Delain and the rest of the set attempt in their own way to accomplish similar aspects in manipulating melodic progression. It’s something I think is very unique to female vocals that you don’t see in the “power” metal scene for most faux-soprano men.

Arch Enemy – Arch Fucking Enemy. Yep.

#WHMPH part two

uneXpect “Chromatic Chimera” In a Flesh Aquarium

After Forever “Dischord” AF
Nightwish “Nemo” Once
Leave’s Eyes “Take the Devil in Me” Njord
Epica “Sensorium” the Phantom
Darkwell “Blackheart” Susperia
Within Temptation “Hand of Sorrow” the Heart of Everything

Passengers “Imperialism Capitalism” Home
the Wages of Sin “Open Doors” the Product of Deceit
Walls of Jericho “Discovery of Jones” the American Dream
Oathbreaker “As I look into the Abyss” Eros|Anteros
Bloodlined Calligraphy “It Can’t Rain All the Time” Ysplanti

Delain “The Tragedy of Commons” #NewMusic (2015)
UnSun “Home” Clinic for Dolls
Armed with Valor “I’d Hate to Say It” #NewMusic (2014)
Lacuna Coil “My Wings” in a Reverie
Octavia Sperati “Icebound” Winter Enclosure
Madder Mortem “Omnivore” Deadlands

Misth “Rise of a New Day” RoND #NewMusic (2014)
Trial of Tears “the Desperation Corridor” Bloodstained Endurance
Battlelore “Beneath the Waves” Evernight
Kittie “What I always Wanted”
Arch Enemy “Ravenous” Wages of Sin

the Experiment no. Q “to the Wise & Understanding Reader” tEnQ (2014)

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