recipe: tea rice and vadouvan veggies

I first discovered vadouvan a while back at a colonial inspired French restaurant and enjoyed it. It flew off my radar for some time till I received a spice set that included it and fell back in love with it. From the Pondicherry region of southern India the spice combination is a French colonial interpretation of Masala. The flavor seems to work fairly well with almost anything I’ve ever paired it with, but we especially like it with veggies.

After debating back and forth on what to make for dinner and bailing on our original Indian dish I just started going through the cupboard for inspiration and eventually landed on this meal. Essentially, as much as it was making it up as I went along, it’s based subtly on several other meals we make regularly so it isn’t without any known structures. Nonetheless, as I was arranging mise en place I actually still didn’t know exactly what I was making.

Starting with the tea rice, which was a personal favorite particularly when we don’t have fresh stock to work with, the rest drew from a tofu dish the wife makes with rice and peas, a stir fry I picked up from a former Chinese-American friend and a variation of a mushroom dish we make often. There’s lots of room for substitutions in the recipe because it really was built upon what we had on had and

Brown Rice
rice wine vinegar
Black Tea
Stock Pot

Pressed, cubed tofu
Bragg’s liquid aminos
ground ginger
Frying pan

chopped large onion
sliced crimini mushrooms
broccoli florettes
chopped carrot
Haricot verts
chopped baby kale

cracked black pepper
dulce flakes
coconut oil

Measure about a 2:1:0.25 ratio of brown rice to water to rice wine vinegar and set aside one tea bag for each cup of water
In the large stock pot bring the water and vinegar to a boil with the tea and a pinch of salt
Once the liquid comes to a boil add the rice, cover and reduce to a simmer
Cook till tender, according to package instructions, probably about 45-50 minutes

While the rice is cooking, in the large frying pan put about a tea spoon each of oil, liquid aminos, rice wine vinegar over medium heat
Pat dry one final time the cubed tofu and toss with the ground ginger before adding to the frying pain
Brown off the tofu and remove from the pan and reserve

In the same pan add about a table spoon each of oil, liquid aminos, rice wine vinegar over medium heat to deglaze the pan from browning the tofu
Add the copped onions and mushrooms to the pan and season liberally with the vadouvan and cracked black pepper
Cover and cook until the mushrooms are tender and given off most of their liquids, you may need to uncover it briefly and stir during this process to cook everything evenly
Once the mushrooms are almost cooked add the broccoli florettes, peas, chopped carrot and Haricot verts and toss. Reseason with liquid aminos, rice wine vinegar and vadouvan as necessary, you can also salt it at this point and raise the heat from medium to high.


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One Response to recipe: tea rice and vadouvan veggies

  1. Leslie says:

    Hello, thank you for the recipe! I have had vadouvan in a couple restaurants and have been wanting to cook something with the dried spice. You don’t indicate portions here, but do you have a recommendation on how to determine quantity? Many thanks!

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