mixtape: merry people headbanging pt 1, 2014 edition

MPH noise radio on KAOSradioAustin.orgIt is that time of year again. The now annual #MerryPeopleHeadbanging edition of KAOS Radio Austin’s Mosh Pit Hell. Last year, around this time the show was actually broadcast on two stations and making the transition to being fully themed around it’s MPH acronym. #MerryPeopleHeadbanging therefore became a multishow experience exploring the previous 11 months of broadcasts and the year’s worth of metal, punk and hardcore releases. It was a fun time and listeners seemed to like it so I brought it back.

Truth be told, it’s not really a best of show. Best of implies I am leaving something out because I, or my three listeners, deemed it unfit for the air. That’s not the case. Stuff got left off simply because I don’t own it in order to broadcast it, or I didn’t know it was released this year, or in a few instances I completely forgot it existed, oops. The resulting package of songs I owned and remembered needed to fit into each two hour block I program so I began with artists I supported throughout the year either because I took a personal shine to it or because listeners talked to me about it and filled in the rest with whatever I had.

Metal, punk and hardcore are three pretty diverse genres, contrary to some opinions, and trying to cover all the aural ground available in each is more than any single show can do well, so I do realize upfront the vast limitations. Hey, if I missed it and should know it, leave it in the comments. Maybe it makes a future week’s MPH noise show or get some SocNet shoutout.

There will, probably, be an actual year and blog post from me with my favorite records from the year, some of these will make it on that list, I’m sure. I fell in love with the Black Crown Initiate after discovering their record this year because they fit right in my usual listening blending the technical and progressive composition to challenge the mind with thrash and death sensibilities to pummel the ear. Alcest, Epistasis and Junius were all new to me and I dig them greatly too, especially this time of year when the layers of sound and vast textures remind me so of the depth of the weather. Then, there’s Godflesh, a band till recently I all but ignored and decided finally not to anymore. Of course, there’s old standards too like Soilwork, Scar Symmetry, Insomnium and Machine Head in there too which I suppose are about as predictable as it comes with me programming MPH.

All that being said, remember as well, this is just the first installment of the theme. It’s but a short two hours of the mosh pit hell’s recollection of the year 2014. There’s still much, much more to come.

Furthermore, as you’re listening, I invite you not only to explore more of the bands on your own, but to also remember yesterday’s broadcast fell on a Day that will live in Infamy. As our older generation passes onto the next life there are fewer and fewer who lived through the experience and can retell it first hand, yet it is an important part of not only the history of the United States and Japan, but that of our world society and should not be allowed to fade away. The remaining survivors of Pearl Harbor especially but of all armed conflicts in general should not be forgotten and although they will get special treatment here and there for the holiday it’s an especially rough time of year overall for many of them and they need ongoing support. Check out Disabled American Veterans and other vet supporting organizations and see what you can do to help.

#MerryPeopleHeadbanging part 1

Godflesh “Deadend” World Lit on Fire (end 4:50)

Black Crown Initiate “Withering Waves” the Wreckage of Stars ( watch long piano fade)
Scar Symmetry “Limits to Infinity” the Singularity Phase I Neohumanity
Divinity “sequence a” the Immortalist Pt1 (hit early during SSym fade out)
Evilence “Human Hypocrisy” Essence of Life (cue 0:15)
Machine Head “Killers & Kings” Bloodstones & Diamonds
Soilwork “My Nerves, Your Everyday Tool” Beyond the Infinite

the Contortionist “Thrive” Language (end 5:45)
Intervals “Moment Marauder” a Voice Within
Circles “Visions” Infinitas
Dawn of Eternity “Goodbye” Guilty

Allochiria “K” Omonoia (watch long fade)
Junius “the Time of Perfect Virtue” Days of the Fallen Sun (watch long fade)
Alcest “Shelter” Shelter (watch long fade)
Isis “Backlit” Panopticon (NO FADE)
Epistasis “Gown of Yellow Stars” Light Through Dead Glass

Revocation “the Blackest Reaches” Deathless
Insomnium “Collapsing Worlds” Shadows of the Dying Sun (watch long fade)
Antiverse “the Expressionless” Cosmic Horror
An Abstract Illusion “Chameleon of the Clouds”
Atonment is Nigh (cue 0:15)

the Experiment No.Q “the the Wise” TENQ


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