mixtape: Magnify Praise Hail

MPH noise radio on KAOSradioAustin.orgIn the olden days the word magnify meant to extol or to praise. Since it is the weekend of giving thanks and praise here in the US I thought it only fitting to do a show theme exploring some of that on this week’s edition of MPH on KAOSradioAustin.org.

Now, as you may know, Thanksgiving in the United States is almost more myth than fact. It’s a good myth, filled with positive lessons that we should probably be following as social tradition, but it’s still a myth nonetheless and not something we should probably hang our national hat too heavily on – especially since not all parts of it in reality were so good. But, I digress. Beyond eating your turkey, or tofurkey, and imbibing your brews of all kinds remember the reason is to give thanks for what you are blessed with and find ways to share your blessings with others. That second part is key as the gift of of kind words and actions is an important one.

So, this weeks show contains a cornucopia of cuts involving thanks and giving, magnifying, praising and hailing from a pretty wide range of metal punk and hardcore styles making the show interesting to both program and listen to. There’s a little something for everyone, I hope. But I also remind you not to take any of it too seriously, some of the songs are solely for the title reference alone and not necessarily because of the lyrical content, or because sonically it fit the theme even though the title makes no sense. Sometimes you need a little bit of the extreme imagination to see how it all fits together on MPH noise radio because, of course, it’s coming from my mind. There’s the (in)complete set list from the show along with some of my cue notes below. It honestly wasn’t as smooth as I would have liked, but there’s been some technical issues as of late making the broadcast somewhat of a challenge.

Don’t forget, as well, if there’s extra time in your life to give back, this is the time of year to really put some serious thought into how you will do it. Kids especially could use that special kind of Magnify Praise Hail attitude and this could be your opportunity to share your gift of it with them. Take them for a pizza or into the mosh pit with you and hook up with
give back with BBBS.org (Big Brothers/Big Sisters)


Volbeat “Thanks” Beyond Hell

Pennywise “Thanksgiving” Yesterdays
Rise Against “Give it All” Siren Songs
Descents “Thank You” Everything Sucks
Stretch Arm Strong “For the Record” a Revolution Transmission
Lifetime “Thanks” Background (watch long end fade)
a Wilhelm Scream “Pardon Me, Thanks a lot” Career Suicide
Walls of Jericho “Thanks for the Memories” All Hail the Dead #ByRequest

Extol “a Gift Beyond Human Reach” Extol (cue 0:09)
the Number 12 Looks Like You “the Try, Thank You” Mongrel (hit anytime during)
a Plea for Purging “a Hymn of Praise” Critique of Mind
Uneaven Structure “Hail” Februus
Training for Utopia “a Gift to a Dying Friend” Plastic Soul
Living Sacrifice “Love Forgives” the Infinite Order
Shadows Fall “Of One Blood” OBB #ByRequest

Godflesh “Gifts from Heaven”Songs of Love and Hate (cue 0:48 + hit early end 6:50)
Swans “Thank You” Filth (watch long end fade)
Ephal Duath “Gift” Through My Dog’s Eyes
Botch “Thank God for Worker Bees” American Nervoso
Passengers “Thankless” Divided (cue 0:04 watch long end fade)
Poison the Well “Loved Ones” You Come Before You #ByRequest
Crowbar “All I Had I Gave” Crowbar

Dreamshade “the Gift of Life” tGoL
Byzantine the Gift of Discernment” Oblivion Beckons #ByRequest
Tracedawn “Thanks for Asking” Lizard Dusk
Insomnium “Mortal Share” Above the Weeping World
Revocatoin “the Gift You Gave” Revocation

Sevendust “Praise” Animosity
Clutch “Wishbone” the Elephant Riders


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