bacon & bourbon: maple manhattan

The last time we ventured over to Cafe Orlin on NYC’s legendary St. Mark’s Place I was treated to a nice bourbon beverage and every time previous even the one’s I forgot to document were pretty good too so I always have high expectations when ordering. I was not disappointed in the least this time

the Maple Manhattan

Redemption Bourbon, Maple Syrup, Lemon juice, salt served with a lemon rind

Yes, it was every bit as sweet yet citric as you would expect. The whiskey picks up both flavors nicely, the acid and the salt really bring out the maple notes nicely and it goes down almost entirely too smooth like a well worn lemonade recipe would.

When it came to dinner, it was’t anything bacon related but the braised short rib sandwich was pretty special with just the right ratio of meet to toasted baguette. That’s the kind of stick to you type of meal to make the overly cold evening seem less threatening.

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