bacon & bourbon: sweetgrass success

The Sweet Grass Grill is one of those non-descript little restaurants that holds true to a center of town ideal of being anti-homogenization, pre-gentrification reflection of itself. It’s always packed because it seems like it’s always been there and just fits the expectation of what you’d want it to be walking past it. Then you realize it’s so much more… a quaint little farm-to-table experiment of artisan inspired food the way it is supposed to be done and that’s why it seems like the place is always packed.

We went for brunch and it was a reckoning, to say the least. Overwhelmed by the multitude of amazing sounding menu items I ended up defaulting to something all to familiar as a way to really benchmark the restaurant’s output. If this simple meal’s execution is any indication of the love and care they put into their food I cannot wait to return for more

The Farmer’s Breakfast Bowl: Fried Eggs, Grits, Ground Local Pork Chorizo Sausage, Cheddar Cheese, Red Pepper

When the deep orange yolks of the farm fresh eggs hit the perfectly creamy grits coating them in this rich, thick ooze it was like heaven. The salty, garlicy, smoke paprika laced charise foiled that nicely adding some extra texture as well. My mouth is watering just thinking about how well balanced every bite was and how difficult it was to slow down and savor it being it was so good I couldn’t get it in my mouth fast enough. The local charise made the dish for me, coming from heritage pork and a great balance of spices that work so well with the dish.

I paired it with their bourbon special of the day – a cider infused whiskey that was equally tantalizingly coy and straight forward. A touch of ginger offsets the distinct sweet of the bourbon against the backdrop of the natural highlights of apple cider in such a beautifully seasonal way.

Oh, and one of the better restaurant cups of coffee I’ve had in a good long while.


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