quip: satan music

A lot of press recently in both music and tech is about U2 and Apple’s little stunt last week, and that includes my previous blog post.

In reaction, of course some people deleted the new U2. Some went so far as to remove old U2 they’d since seemed to care less about, but really in that last sentiment I found a lot of fellow music fans simply cleaning out their digital libraries in general. I’m not personally one for deleting music wholesale because I’m under no space restrictions and simple filtering means stuff I’m not presently listening to isn’t lost forever in case I ever do get a future hankering for it.

None the less, lines like this showed up in my feed a lot lately, “I just removed 1,200 songs from my I-Tunes”

To which I normally make some snide U2 related comment. When one of my friends retorted they had exactly 0 U2 songs of which to delete, “thank God,” I remarked:

I credit Satan for having given you good musical taste to have not had any songs on there. In the last hundred or so years the diety heirarchy for good music definitely doesn’t start with “God.” No offence to God, I’m sure it’s not his fault Sunday Suck Radio exists


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