Mixtape: Metropolitan Peoples Hell

New Jersey. 8.7 million square miles. 9 million residents. Almost 500$ billion GSP.

In addition to 130 miles of infamous coast line it features the Delaware Water Gap, Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, The Atlantic Highlands, the Palisades, New Jersey Meadowlands, the Jersey Pine Barrens, South Mountain Preserve and the Watchung Mountains, Ellis Island National Monument, Gateway National Park and Sandy Hook … and of course infamous urban centers like Trenton and Camden, Newark, Elizabeth and Jersey City, Patterson and Passaic, Edison, Morristown and New Brunswick.

All of this is, of course, is wedged between two of the largest cities in North America: New York City and Philadelphia.

The resulting suburban sprawl that is Jersey has led it to become the butt of not only regional jokes but international humor about everything from the smell, to it’s accent, to the lack of it’s namesake Gardens to the unwillingness of major sports franchise who practice and play there to take it’s name.

Thus, Be Nice to New Jersey week was born. It is the first full week of July (the 6 through 12th this year) and the honor of this week’s MPH noise show.

Jersey’s music history includes some fantastic highlights including advancements in broadcasting and recording technology, musical instrument innovations and it housed more than its fair share of legendary performance venues. But, what’s really remarkable are the artists including Sinatra, Springsteen and Bon Jovi as well as Count Basie, Al Di Meola, Bill Evens and of course Les Paul, Donald Fagen, Paul Simon, Frankie Valli and the Jonas Brothers, Ice T, Queen Latifah and Lauren Hill, Connie Francis, Debbie Harry, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Sarah Vaughn and of course Whitney Houston … to name but a few.

Metal, punk and hardcore seeps from the concrete jungle that is New Jersey which is not a surprise. With this kind of population density there’s bound to be a reason to be attracted to the aggressive music. It is influenced by the obvious elements of NYC and Philly, but also from the large and ever changing immigrant population and that of interstate migration as well as building upon it’s rich cultural past. Taking you on this sonic cacophony will be this week’s edition of MPH on KAOS

Being a Jersey kid myself with a lot of Jersey Pride this was an easy show to program especially since I’ve touched on Jersey’s musical influence on the mid-altantic region in the past during the likes of Metalfelphia and nyhcmph.

I have many fond, fond memories of many of the bands showcased this week but because the broadcast is a mere two hours some artists were erased from the long form playlist, including Fit for an Autopsy, Kiss the Cynic, the Banner, Overkill, E-town Concrete, Danzig as well as Bon Jovi, Skid Row, Midtown, Saves the Day and a lot more. It’s a shame, because all of them and I’m sure a few others I’m unfortunately forgetting probably deserve to be included in a definitive look.

What did make it were some new songs and some fantastic listener requests (both noted below) as well as some additional personal favorites like the Dillinger Escape Plan (the sonic result of one too many Summer Friday’s stuck in Rt 9 shore traffic with no AC), Zakk Wylde (the smog induced equivalent of being stoned and drunk), the Bouncing Souls (one more Jersey reference and you’re evicted) and the Misfits (who needs steroids when you have Jersey water?) to name a few. Really, if I included it on the list it was because it was something that was important to me and the identity I formed with Jersey and my love of it’s music.

the Bouncing Souls “So Jersey” the Gold Record (New Brunswick)
Senses Fail “NJ Falls into the Atlantic” Let it Enfold (Ridgewood)

Candiria “Invaders” EP (several members were born and raised in NJ despite the band’s Brooklyn image) (2014)
the #12 Looks Like You “an Aptly Fictional Description” Nuclear.Sad.Nuclear #ByRequest (Fair Lawn)
Folly “Repeat, I Repeat” Insanity Later #ByRequest (sussex)
NORA “Nobody Takes Pictures of the Drummer (Highland Park)
Burnt by the Sun “Battleship” Perfect is the Enemy of Good (New Brunswick)
(the) Luddite Clone “A” the Arsonist & the Architect #ByRequest (Bridgewater)
the Dillinger Escape Plan “Sunshine the Werewolf” Miss Machine (Morris Plains)
Discordance Axis “a Leaden Stride to Nowhere” the Inalienable Dreamless (East Brunswick)

Misfits “Die Die My Darling” Earth AD (Lodi)
the Undead “Undead” Act your Rage (New Milford)
Adredaline O.D. “Suburbia” Let’s Barbecue EP (Elmwood Park)
Lifetime “Turnpike Gates” Jersey’s Best Dancers (edit intro) #ByRequest (New Brunswick)
Ensign “Never Give In” Cast the First Stone (New Brunswick)
My Chemical Romance “Skylines & Turnstiles” #ByRequest (Jersey City)
Thursday “Turnpike Divides” No Devolucion #ByRequest (New Brunswick)

Dynamis “Wanderlust” the Paradox of Commons (2014) (Montclair)
East of the Wall “Underachiever” the Apologist (Keyport)
Fortheloveof “Introvert” In Consequence (New Brunswick)
the Wage of Sin “Open Doors” the Product of Deceit (several members originally from Jersey and there’s a strong Montclair connect in addition to the prominent nature of Rachel’s Brooklyn roots in Milhouse/Indecision/Most Precious Blood)
God Forbid “Reject the Sickness” RtS #ByRequest (New Brunswick)
Ripping Corpse – Dreaming With The Dead – Beyond Humanity (who went onto form Hate Eternal out of Florida) #ByRequest (Red Bank)
Strychnia “Cephalectomy” Reanimated Monstrosity (2013) (Dayton)

Black Label Society “Stoned & Drunk” the Blessed Hellride (watch intro – talk over slightly) #ByRequest (Bayonne / Jackson)
Monster Magnet “Space Lord” (Red Bank)

— Ps, this weeks NFP shout out goes to the New York New Jersey Trail Council and the extensive work they do to make sure suburban sprawl is kept at bay and the majestic features of New Jersey’s landscape always include some green space.


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