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It’s been a bad week for the “moral” whatever they ares. I think they’re the minority at this point, that’s what the polls say anyhow so can’t use the cliche moral majority. Assuming you are not a conspiracy theorist who believe all polls except the ones that support your point of view are lies, made up by the liberal media to advance their progressive agenda, of course. The internet’s echo chamber reinforces paranoia much better than any other propaganda ever could so I’m sure there’s someone who will come across this post and bemoan that their belief while not reflected in the polls is the actual majority.

Apart from Conchita Wurst winning Eurovision making international headlines which was huge itself, back stateside Friday, Arkansas (at least temporarily) became the 18th state to legalize same-sex marriage through Pulaski County Circuit Judge Chris Piazza’s ruling, followed U.S. Magistrate Judge Candy Dale declared Idaho’s ban invalid (joining the recent Federal judges in Utah, Ohio, Virginia, Kentucky, Texas and Michigan in name-checking Justice Scalia and thrashing his very non-Supreme Court worthy stance against equal protection of all citizens under the law) and the first openly gay professional athlete, Michael Sam, was drafted into the National Football League by the St. Louis Rams and proceed to share his moment on national television with his partner.

Oh, the gay agenda at it’s finest. At best, public displays of affection will force unwitting parents to explain what homosexuality is before said parents feel it necessary to discuss any sexuality at all. At worst, it’s accused of forcing an immoral lifestyle upon all, thus normalizing it and indoctrinating more into its unnatural status.

Of course, there if this were a straight player with a buxom blond on their arm swapping spit for the camera there would hardly be outrage, parents wouldn’t fret talking to their kids and the only discussion would be what she was wearing (was it too revealing or not flattering enough) being covered by the sleaziest of the media underbelly.

The double standard the “moral” crowd puts on the LGBT community in regards to showing affection is staggering. How many allow their children to be subject to straight sex on a much more revealing level only to be disgusted by passive same-sex hand-holding? There are hundreds of examples of straight affection on television, in the movies and throughout a child’s daily encounters that parents routinely gloss over. Sometimes in part out of their own discomfort, sometimes out of it feeling routine in-and-of itself but mostly because it never affects the child. Left to their own devices most children probably wouldn’t question homosexual encounters any more than the would hetero and yet born out of the seeds of their own discomfort some parent’s feel obligated to make a much bigger deal out of the experience in the name of the child when it comes down to gay over straight.

A gay kiss is nothing more than a kiss. It’s no more harmful than a straight one when a military member returns home to the embrace of their family, or an athlete accomplishes a major feet, or a musician completes a remarkable performance, or a spouse comes home from a long day at work. The only real difference is your own self-righteous disapproval and bigoted overtones against a fellow human being. If you’re completely against any form of PDA then I get it, but if you’re willing to accept the overwhelming straight sex that permeates daily life without question then it’s hard to justify the passive-aggressive “outrage” displayed when gays partake in simple, intimate gestures like holding hands, hugging and kissing in public. You can’t have it both ways and still present yourself as some kind of moral bastion.

The lie told is that if they kept it to themselves it would be OK. That’s simply not true and everyone uttering it knows it. However, they can talk out of the other side of their mouth to save face while still harboring prejudice. You know the lines like “love the person, not the sin.” It’s bullshit and everyone knows it and the “moral” outrage that comes out every time something like this happens shows the discomfort people have beyond “loving the person.”

Believe what you will, what your religion tells you, what your upbringing urged upon you, etc. but realize that it is not an infringement on your rights when fellow citizens act as they do, or request equal protection under the law.

Michael Sam was well within his right to kiss his partner in a time of joyous accomplishment regardless of if that partner was a woman or a man. Poor example, but interesting point: Had he had a pet Rottweiler on hand and smooched that it would have had lass of an impact than a gay kiss. Granted, we’re assuming he’s not into bestiality with such a hypothetical kiss. However, because we know he’s gay and so many of the prudish “morality” pushers are inexperience in true intimacy, never mind homosexuality, that they automatically jump to the gutter of their minds. Despite the small sample size, just check out what lawmakers and talking heads think gay sex is all about (the latest outrageous explanation included something to the effect of deification in the bed during an orgy) which doesn’t help this ignorance.

It is precisely this type of incompetence that leads to fear mongering and anti-equality stances. A simple kiss turns on an extreme contravercy because somehow despite not ever being able to pin-point when they themselves decided to be straight there’s an erroneous belief that exposure to gays will somehow make a person gay. There’s a better chance you’ll be exposed to the common cold and catch it than seeing a gay person kiss their partner on the television and magically being attracted to the opposite sex yourself. Sure, there will be youth who see the kiss and will feel empowered enough to admit to the world they are gay rather than hiding their true selves but there’s no proof that simply seeing the kiss or hand holding or simply even knowing homosexuality exists is changing anyone’s sexual preference. If you’re not attracted to the opposite sex no amount of exposure is suddenly going to change your internal wiring.

It’s not about kisses, or marriage, it’s about fear. Fear of something they don’t understand. Fear of their fast-held beliefs to be challenged by the facts of reality. Fear of change…

For, there’s no good reason to repress Michael Sam’s kiss, unless, of course, you’re part of that straight-only agenda. Or that repressive-sexuality agenda. Or that ‘only real Amurkanz are…’ agenda.
In those cases, it isn’t the gays who have the agenda, it’s you and you’re pushing it with a dictatorial stance and propaganda embedded into the daily life so firmly you’re unable to even distinguish it’s even there.

Every time Reggie Bush, Mark Sanchez, Aaron Rodgers, Johnny Manziel (or Tom Brady & Tony Romo back in the day) changes the woman on their arm it doesn’t raise huge moral objection. Parade around as they will, unmarried, carrying on has they do on-and-off camera. It’s a badge of honor and gossip page fodder making being a playboy acceptable and pushing that lose lifestyle of fleeting lust on innocent youth much more than a homosexual display of affection.

Every time a Colin Kaepernick, Ben Rothlesburger, Michael Crabtree, Perrish Cox, Albert Haynesworth, Michael Irvin, Rod Smith, Keyshawn Johnson, Chad Ochocinco Johnson, Erik Walden, Dez Bryant, Jim Brown, Junior Seau, Chris Cook, Ahmad Brooks, Brandon Marshall, Greg Hardy, Ray Rice, Amari Spivey, William Moore, Daryl Washington, Pacman Jones, is accused / arrested or David Meggett, Darren Shaper, Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson is convicted of sexual assault or domestic violence and their crimes are trivialized by the league, the media and the fans as “past transgressions” it’s a slap in the face to the same morals being stood on forsaking homosexuality. It’s apparently worse to love someone of the same sex than to injure someone of the opposite. We won’t even touch the lack of outrage for child abuse and attempted murder among these “moralists.”

As a nation built upon diversity and under the belief that there is liberty and justice for all it’s quite a shame that the “all” in some minds only includes those citizens who all look, act and believe a very narrow, homogeneous point of view.


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