mixtape: Marking Persecution and Holocaust

In honor of Holocaust Remembrance Week this week’s MPH noise is a World War II themed edition of the show.

The Holocaust represents one of the saddest examples of the human condition when the Third Reich of Nazi Germany attempted to extinguish the Jewish population as part of larger cleansing of the human race including the persecution and death with a special emphasis on xenophobic, homophobic, antireligious and political killings – or basically anything and everyone that didn’t conform to the Aryan “master race” standards was subject to genocidal rage. Six million Jews bore the brunt of the Nazi exterminations and led the post-war Allies to take special care in helping Jewish survivors. To learn more about what you can do in the modern world for the heritage of Holocaust survivors check out www.ushmm.org.

Previously, on the old Party 934 edition of the show, I did War Metal as a general overture of the genre. This week there’s a special emphasis on artists and songs specifically referencing WWII. I made extra effort to try and stay away from any glorification of the Third Reich’s ideology or reference to modern Nazism when selecting songs, preferring to focus battles and events in the war itself. A special treat in the middle, I culled together some Israeli and regionally Jewish influenced bands which speak to the resilience of the peoples after the trauma imparted.

Interestingly, there are a couple of artists that specialize in that era’s history as part of their band identity such as Hail of Bullets and Sabaton as well as early Warbreed, while other bands like Iron Maiden, Slayer and Rush referenced it heavily as part of their diverse catalog while bands like Anthrax, Sacred Reich, and Metallica touch on it in these songs which are part of the band’s larger political and historical voice. I included a few requests (marked in the notes below) that weren’t necessarily direct references to the war and its holocaust but reflect the larger theme on the whole as well as managing to find a couple of new songs (also marked in the notes) to help balance out the classics and really diversify the MPH offering this week.

Overall, I am really happy with how the show came, since World War II metal isn’t exactly the easiest two hour theme to create, and the initial feedback from the broadcast was really positive, so I thank all the listeners for their suggestions and support. Here’s the running order for the show:


Sabaton “Screaming Eagles” (cue :26)
Warbreed “Nightfall over Auchwitz” History Undone –
Hail of Bullets Stalingrad
Arch Enemy “Aces High” (Maiden Cover)
a Plea for Purging “Holocausts” Depravity #ByRequest
Aborted “Holocaust Incarnate” Engineering he Dead
Hypocracy “Soldier of Fortune” the End of Disclosure
–Israeli Set–
Hammercult “Steel Crusher Steel Crusher (2014) –
Salem “An unwanted guest” A Moment of Silence
Xenolith “Austere Reflections” Obscure Reflections
Blackfield “Disolving with the Night”
Orphaned Land “Fail” All is One
Future Indefinite “The Answer” Answer
Slayer “Angel of Death”
Motorhead “Bomber” Still Deaf
Metallica “One” And Justice for All
Sacred Reich “Sacred Reich” Ignorance
Anthrax “The Enemy” Spreading the Disease
Iron Maiden “Where Eagles Dare” Piece of Mind #ByRequest
Iced Earth “Melancholy: Holy Martyr” Something Wicked #ByRequest
Rush “Red Sector A” Grace Under Pressure


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