mixtape: moshes per hour vol 2

moshes per hour MPH is an amorphic acronym if you hadn’t already learned this detail. The show is titled MPH based on the idea that it is the cross-section of the Metal Punk & Hardcore genres and it exists in the Mosh Pit Hell. Every once in a while there’s a natural gap in the sequence of the show where the day it lands on doesn’t lend itself to an obvious theme. For these shows I have backup plans.

For those of you who know me, my normal listening patterns tend to run a bit seasonal and since it’s spring it means I will normally lean more toward punk, hardcore punk, altpunk, skate thrash and metalcore among other derivatives. Seasonal music is quite logical – not only is it a psychosemantic ideal that one associates certain sounds with certain emotions where seasons evoke those emotions but also the more rebirth and revolution idea of some punk lyrics fit with the normal thematic idea of spring.

Moshes Per House is a celebration of the breakdown in all it’s glorious moshable forms asking the eternal question, “where’s your anger, where’s your fucking rage?!”

The moshpit is not as random and chaotic as one might thing. There’s been some small scale studies manually reviewing footage and using different mathematical theory to predict the behavior. There’s also been some studies on the psychological impact of the break from a high tempo or complex rhythmic passage to a slower and more steady rhythmic passage and the emotion it evokes. Both seem to show an inherent social and individual desire to experience the pit.

There’s a dualistic idea behind this year’s evocation: it isn’t just about driving the big mosh in year one but that it will feature something inspiring lyrics too. There’s some cross over from the original show, and some new ideas that came up this year. The variety of the show this year builds of the initial playlist in that it encompasses aspects of metal, punk and hardcore not just sonically but in how they propose their voice of reason.

I’ll be honest, when I was doing the show graphic I was taking the quotes off the top of my head, and as I’m going back to write up the show I’m wishing they were copy-and-pasteable. Regardless, some of them are most memorable regardless and I tried to include them in my notes below along with the point where the breakdown completely lets go.
And what you’ll experience during the show should be both an individual song undulation, a more disjunct movement between sonic ideas in each set and then across the genre boundries of the show yet another feeling of movement. It’s all about building up and tearing down.

The idea of the moshpit is that it’s expression, both of the counterculture and the individual and as such this year we’d like to focus on helping others day with DancingDreams.org and their efforts to spread dance to those who are not normally able to enjoy what dance can do for them. Check the org out while you’re getting your inspirational mosh on.

#MoshesPerHour vol. 2 – the 2014 edition
the Dillinger Escape Plan “43% Burnt” Calculating Infinity (perfect intro revisits on outro)

Martyr AD ” / Broken Mouth” the Human Condition in Twelve Fractions (*You are falling from my hands 1:58 & 3:12)
Disembodied “7 Stitches” Heretic (2:20 & 2:52 there’s only pleasure in pain)
Vision of Disorder “Choke / Adalaide” For the Bleeders (1:42 Choke / final :30 Adalaide – just stand for yourself)
Indecision “Release the Cure” RTC (1:46)
Most Precious Blood “the Great Red Shift” Our Lady of Annihilation (1:31 what would you die for?)

Unearth “the Great Dividers” from the Oncoming Storm (once 2:56, twice 3:20, thrice 3:45 does hate mean freedom?)
As I Lay Dying “Forever” from Frail Words Collapse (2:45)
Killswitch Engage “Temple from the Within” kse (2:28 no one to blame for my transgressions)
Haste the Day “Blue 42″ Burning Bridges (Intro, 3:28 – I won’t look back to the chains that bound me)
Bleeding Through “Our Enemies” from Portrait of a Goddess (1:46, 3:02)
Hatebreed “I Will be Heard” (Now is the Time for me to Rise) #ByRequest
Haste “a God Reclaims His Throne” the Mercury Lift #ByRequst (1:36/1:57 feat. Randy/Lamb of God) (hammer to the anvil of self)

Machine Head “Davidian” Burn My Eyes (3:45 Let freedom Ring with a Shotgun Blast)
Chimaira “Severed” Pass out of Existence (1:49, 2:18, 2:58)
Pantera “Strength Beyond Strength” Far Beyond Driven (1:10 stronger than all!)
Lamb of God “Black Label” from New American Gospel (3:12 and I know the pain of fellowhship)
All Shall Perish “Sever from Memory” from all.shall.perish (4:22 fuck your indoctrination)
Despised Icon “Silver Plated Advocate” from the Healing Process #ByRequest (3:02 the art of silencing people)
Your Memorial “Atonement” Atonement #ByRequest (1:58, 3:15 save me from myself)

Boysetsfire “After the Eulogy” ATE (2:48 where’s your anger? tear it down!)
Stretch Arm Strong “Second Chances ” Rituals of Life (2:06ish) #ByRequest
Sick of it All “Built to Last” BtL (1:28 we’re here to stay!)
Strife “In this Defiance” Witness a Rebirth (2:17 fight for what’s right)
Fortheloveof “Immerse” Feasting on the Will of Humanity (1:24)
Walls of Jericho “Family Values” Bound Feed the Gagged (opens & closes on the breakdown)
Remembering Never “From My Cold Dead Hands” Women & Children (3:47 this is the death of empathy)
Snapcase “Caboose” Progression Through Unlearning #ByRequest (1:57)

Meshuggah “Corridor of Chameleons” Chaosphere (2:46)


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