mixtape: minerva produces heroes

Quinquatria was the festival dedicated to the Roman goddess Minerva. Know for her support of the arts, it is her focus on the wisdom and strategy that make her the goddess of defense and ally to the empire’s heroes. The festival began the fifth day after the Ides of March, where on the first day no blood was shed, but that on the last four there were contests of gladiators in celebration of her. The final day marked the Tubilustrium ceremony to make the army fit for war and held in tribute to Mars.

Creatively, then, all of this weeks KAOSradioAustin show would focus on songs of war, heroes, courage, wisdom and strategy even if they don’t directly reference the Romans themselves. The metal leanings were heavier this week than the last several shows. Metal bands really like war, what can I say. We ran the genre’s extremes from classic thrash to blackened death but it wasn’t a straight up machine gun firing sonic assault as many of the songs include dynamic swings that pull at the ebb and flow associated with war itself. Just to keep listeners on their toes the entire aural quality shifts abruptly at the end, wrapping up with the Deftones. Not just because I can, but because the song is titled “Minerva” which book-ended the show thematically nicely with the “Bringer of War” reference in the intro (full playlist & audio link after the jump).

In keeping with the theme I worked in a segment on PTSD and how service men/women and their families can reach out for support and assistance on the matter as well as highlighting the VA’s work in the matter. The rest of the show did what it always does: make people mosh.

Overall, I enjoyed putting together MPH this week. It probably seems like I say that every week, but it’s true. Each programming challenge reminds me why I love doing radio like this in the first place and every time I get a listener response to a song or set or theme it reinforces the joy I feel rocking out.


Nile “Ramses, Bringer of War” Amongst the Catacombs

Phase I “Troops Uprising” Uprising (2014)
Metallica “Disposalbe Heroes” Master of Puppets
Apostate “Raised on the Blood of Heros” Seaborn (:25)
Becoming the Archetype “the War Ender” I Am
Emperor “the Wariors of Modern Death” Equilibrium IX
Summer Dying “Dawn of Mars” One Last Taste #ByRequest

Legion of the Damned “Bury Me in a Nameless Grave” Ravenous Plague (2014)
Testament “Shades of War” Low
Slayer “War Ensemble” Seasons of the Abyss
Ministry “Hero” Psalm 69 #ByRequest
Conquering Dystopia “Inexhaustable Savagery” CD (2014)

Humanity’s Last Breath “Prodcut of War” Structures Collapse (2013)
Skinless “Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead” HTD (:12) #ByRequest
Feared “Warbound” Furor Incarnatus
As they Sleep “god of war” Dynasty
Karkaos “Fallen Empire” Empire (2014)

Amon Amarth “the Hero” Twilight of the
Nightrage “Hero” Sweet Vengence
the Black Dahlia Murder “Warborn” Nocturnal
Maleface “Bringer of War” Entities
Living Sacrifice “Imminent War” Conceived in Fire
Zao “Praise the War Machine” Funeral for a god

the Deftones “Minerva” Defones


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