quip: gestating in the womb a championship

Buzzfeed is one of those sites that too many people re-post their entirely thoughtless and overly predictable vines that are meant more to generate discontent and thus pageviews. That’s not a bad thing, the bar stool arguments elicited by the site probably would never happen with the same frequency if the blog didn’t exist. Recently, they posted a series of pictures showing the human reproductive anatomy. The pictures included failed attempts by men and women at varying ages trying to label the body parts. As you would guess, they’re all incorrect and some of the interpretations are absolutely hilarious (mostly because they riff on Family Guy, Futurama, South Park, etc.).

My initial response to seeing this was

Imagine if Congress were forced to actually do this as a pre-legislation test?

however, after a few of the more painfully obvious jokes (directed at the GOP mostly) the conversation devolved away from the original meme and to sports and namecalling… To bring us back on track by tying the conversations together I chimed in with:

the correct answer would be to say they were gestating in the womb and would birth their championship this year as opposed to say ejaculating with no female contact (producing extreme dissatisfaction and maybe some handburn and future erectile dysfunction) as they have in the past … gotta stick with the theme here man!


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