mixtape: WHMPH part two

MPH noise WHMPH 2 showThis week’s broadcast on KAOS radio Austin continued the Women’s History Mosh from last week’s WHPMH. The basic premise of the series of shows is to demonstrate the diversity of women in metal punk and hardcore through both bands fronted by women as well as those duets and guest appearances that allow women to further influence their male counterparts. This week’s show, I believe, does a very good balance of both cross-genrely.

What is inspiring about doing this kind of show is how much range women have as vocalists. They can bark, scream and grunt with the best of the death and hardcore guys while having semi-operatic pipes and melodic development that easily surpasses some of the most accomplished power and prog dudes out there. Sometimes it’s even coming from the same lady! For most listeners they probably bump up against a female vocalist every once in a while, but what this collection of songs aspires to do is fill out some depth in how many women are actually participating in the metal, punk and hardcore scenes and influencing their direction. For every successful Arch Enemy, Paramore or Nighwish there’s Valhalla, Eths or even classic Crisis who might not sell as many records or garnder the same kind of semi-mainstream headlines but are equally important to the development of the genres of aggressive music. We experienced the same thing with last week’s diversity and we’ll hear it again next week as well.

In addition to the music, the educational aspects of MPH included a historical lesson on the Sufferage movement (did you know, my beloved New Jersey supported the women’s right to participate in politics as early as post-Revolutionary War in its initial statehood?) as well as a showcase on a couple of amazing organizations supporting Women’s roles in the music industry. This is especially important because although women have come a long way in popular music as artists their experiences within the entertainment industry as a whole are still less than equal.

As always, thanks for supporting the show, for supporting the artists and loving music in general, pick up my playlist notes and the podcast link after the break…

#WHMPH part two

Ozzy w. Lita Ford “Close My Eyes Forever” (shout out request)

Dead for Denver “Apollo” Naked Singularity feat. Melati Olivia (2013) (shout out request)
the Agonist “Business Suits & Combat Boots” Once Only Imagined (watch piano fade to AE intro)
Arch Enemy “Enemy Within” Wages of Sin
Valhalla “Innerstorm” Innerstorm
Kataklysm “It Turns to Rust” In the Arms of Devistation feat. Morgan Lander

Follow you Home “Eyes Wide Open” If It Kills Me (2013)
Paramore “All We Know” All We Know is Failing
Firefight “Stronger than you Think” Now (by request)
Eths “Gravis Venter” III
Unsun “Clinic for Dolls” Clinic for Dolls

Within Temptation “Dangerous” feat. Howard Jones (2013) (edit intro!)
Evergrey “the Wake of the Weary” the Inner Circle feat. Carrie Englund
Paradise Lost “Erased” Symbol of Life feat. Joanna Stevens
In Flames “Dead End” Come Clarity feat. Lisa Miskovsky
Nightwish “”Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean” Oceanborn (feat. Tapio Wilska)

the Experiment no. Q “to the Wise & Understanding Reader” tEnQ (2014)
UneXpect “Mechanical Pheonix” Fables of the Mechanical Empire (fade early as necessary)
Peccatum “Parasite my Heart” Lost in Reverie (fade early as necessary)
Crisis “Vision and the Verity” the Hollowing (request)
Allochiria “K.” Omonoia (2014)

Time in Malta “Grant’s Stand” a Second Engine (fade early as necessary)


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