quip: so unpredictable I moved

New Jersey Transit WikipediaI know I’m not as funny as I think I am sometimes, but even if I’m not it shouldn’t stop me from cataloging what happens in my life here, right? I figure, it is just enough insight to know that I’m human at least… because if I wasn’t I wouldn’t be so emotional about New Jersey Transit. Yesterday, they sent me a questionnaire about my experiences with them. Needless to say, after a decade of filling out these surveys they should know I relish my disdain for them despite my love of the fact that it’s nice to know the tri-state supports mass transit in ways that most of the rest of the US has yet to figure out. In conversing with a fellow rider about how I should respond, I came out with this:

Should I just tell them they suck so bad they made me move to Westchester so I could ride Metro North instead?

To be honest, this wouldn’t be that far from the truth.


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