mixtape: WHMPH part one

MPH noise WHMPH showWomen’s History Month is a time to celebrate the oft-overlooked contributions of women to society and further identify the issues and challenges impacting them in what is still a very male dominated western tradition. It has its roots in International Women’s Day which began in 1911 and took until 1987 to finally be pronounced as a month long promotion equality among the sexes. It could be argued that because gender identification technically falls along a spectrum that the overlap with LGBT History Month somewhat makes sense as Trans individuals continue to struggle with equality as well as their place in history.

Owning to the fact that I personally have a soft spot for what women bring to music in general and to metal, punk and hardcore specifically, it only seems natural to spotlight on them each year for MPH noise. I’ve done mixtapes of it in the past as well, so I drew from those, from listener feedback and so on to craft this week’s edition of the show. Of course, as it were, I ended up with more than enough material to actually know in advance there would be a part two. Chances are, there might even be a part three and I probably still won’t cover everything I should.

Part of the challenge with doing some of these broader themed shows is getting the right running order to not only have the songs and the breaks flow but to also challenge the listener’s expectation in a compelling manner while not becoming too abrasive as to lose the more casual passerby. Thankfully KAOS Radio Austin‘s typical listeners are pretty savvy and my crew were able to follow along spanning the range of symphonic death influenced stuff to alt-metal to progressive to hardcore punk in the short span of two hours (complete playlist after the jump).

In keeping with the theme the show also spotlighted the National Organization for Women (particularly the NYC chapter) and what some local governments (again, with a focus on NYC.gov) are doing in regards to this year’s Presidential WHM theme “Celebrating Women of Character, Courage, and Commitment.” The music in part helped reinforce the message and despite having a relatively low real-time listener base this week, I did get a couple of nice notes back on the show.

#WHMPH show notes are below. This week only had a couple of male fronted bands featuring guest female vocals, somehow the split for next week I think features a lot more, simply by accident…

H2O “Not Just Boys Fun” FTTW (DMS)

Trial of Tears “In the Valley of Ashes” Bloodstained Endurance
After Forever “Zenith” Decipher
Battlelore “Third Immortal” the Last Alliance (Request)
Dark Tranquility “Undo Control” Projector feat. Johnanna Andersson
Leaves Eyes “Hell to the Heavens” From Symphonies of the Night (2013)

the Letter Black “Up From the Ashes” Rebuild (2013)
Picture Me Broken “Mannequins” EP
In this Moment “Adrenalize” Blood
Flyleaf “Cassie” EP
Madder Mortem “Necropol Lit” Deadlands (Request)
Otep “Blowtoarch Nighlight” Hydra (2013)

Baliset “Colour” Exordium (2013) (remember note Kayo Dot, Maudlin of the Well)
the Reasoning “Threnody” Adventures in Neverland” (fade early)
Karnataka “Dreamer” the Storm
Paatos “Gone” Breathing
Antimater “Dream” Lights Out (possible to fade early) (remember note Anathema) (Request)
Theatre of Tragedy “Illusions” Forever is the World

Oathbreaker “Agartha” Eros/Anteros (2013) (Request)
Yellow Machine Gun “Something Enormous” Spot Remover
Walls of Jericho “All Hail the Dead” AHtD (Watch intro!)
Bloodlined Calligraphy “Know When to Hold em” They Want You Silent
Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation “Finite Dark Water” F.I.D.
the Wage of Sin “Open Doors” the Product of Deceit (remember note Indecision, Most Precious Blood)

From Autumn to Ashes “Short Stories with Tragic Endings” feat. Melanie Wills


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