mixtape: BHMPH

MPH radio show BHMPH editionThis week MPH noise celebrated Black History Month with a show obviously showcasing black metal bands of the racial black type, not the all-too-often-to-the-point-of-being-lame genre black type that Norwegian bands are best known for exploiting.

The contribution of black musicians on music, particularly in the US, should never be undersold as much of what’s popular in the last century and a half is derived in some way from them. However, metal, punk and hardcore tends to lean extremely white male which presents a challenge for nearly any minority to feel like they can contribute to the scene in a meaningful way. There’s some sub-genres that shun diversity and have more in common with certain aging political parties than they do with the reality of music history, but for the most part, my experience in the scene as led me to believe for a lot of fans and bands there’s an inclusive nature to it all.

It isn’t just the physical diversity of the KAOS radio Austin broadcast this week that makes the show so much fun though, it’s the sonic character of it all. Challenging the listener to move between death metal, alt-metal, thrash and hardcore punk inspired stuff while finding a continuity that allows for the show to shine two hours straight is what was the driving force for me. Spanning several decades including a couple of new releases nestled into obvious pre-requisites, listener requests, personal favorites and more, the show really did what I hoped it would in the end: showcase black musician’s influence on metal, punk and hardcore.

#BHMPH – show notes included (albeit not many because I lost the handwritten playlist already)

King’s X “Out of the Silent Planet” Gretchen Goes to Nebraska

Suffocation “Sullen Days” Pinnacle of Bedlham (2013)
Divine Heresy “This Threat is Real” Bleed the Fifth (Tommy Vext era)
Blood Has Been Shed “and a Seraphim Cries” Novella of Uriel
Reflux “Single File to Death” the Illusion of Democracy
Candiria “Temple of Sickness” the Process of Self.Development

Sevendust “Cold as War” Black out the Sun (2013)
Sevendust feat. Skin “Licking Cream” Home
Skunk Anasie “She’s My Heroine” Stoosh
Stuck Mojo “Rising” Rising #ByRequest
Snot “the Band Plays On” (Tommy Vext era)

Vext “In the End” ​
Killswitch Engage “the End of Heartache” tEoH #ByRequest (Howard Jones era)
God Forbid “Divide My Destiny” Determination
Locked in a Vacancy “the Lion & the Unicorn” It’s Always Darkest
Sepultura “Tsunami” the Mediator Between… (2013) (Derek Green era)

Cro-Mags “Can You Feel” Revenge (Rocky George era)
Suicidal Tendencies “It’s Goin Down” the Art of Rebellion (Rocky George era)
Emobdyment “Assembly Line Humans” the Narrow Scope of Things (Sean Corbray era)
Crisis “Surviving the Siren” the Hollowing
Bad Brains “Voyage to Infinity” Quickness

Living Color “Type” Time’s Up

If you’re curious what else there is, check out last year’s playlist


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