mixtape: more punter headgames

MPH noise radio More Punter Headgames editionSo, the Big Game was yesterday. Apart from it being played at my old stompin’ grounds in New Jersey (to which I’m happy I no longer reside because I’m sure the greater Meadowlands area was a complete nightmare), I didn’t have much of a preference on how the game turned out, so long as it was exciting. It was not, which meant listeners could tune into KAOS radio Austin earlier (and probably drunker) than usual for this week’s edition of MPH.

Keeping the pot smoking jokes to a minimum this week’s show focused on the game itself with bands from the host state of New Jersey and the playing teams from Colorado and Washington state. In all, each state has churned out some pretty impressive artists over the years and the diversity of the setlist reflects that, as it truly does span metal, punk and hardcore as well as some personal favorites, some listener requests and some (semi-) new songs too. These are the kinds of shows I most love putting together because there are a number of different ways to fit the puzzle pieces in and still come up with a great show. The response from a couple of the bands (who I either knew personally from when they were still active or just met for the first time in programming this week) was great too which always makes things more fun when you’re spinning a track you know is appreciated (versus one you just put on to what, fill space?). Unfortunately, even with a two hours not everything fit but what did makes it a show even I myself will listen to again (probably at the end of the month when MPH goes on a short sabbatical)

Notation for the week is to be sure you’re not only supporting your local music and arts community, particularly for youth, but also sports because even though the big team types get a lot of publicity physical activity in general needs to be lauded and nothing gets you in better shape for a mosh pit than being out on the ‘field’ somewhere too.

#MorePunterHeadgames – incomplete show notes below, missing the markings for requests, some cuing notes, etc. because I wasn’t in the mood (read: not hungover?) enough to transcribe everything. Furthermore, I’m not going to note who I left out because I don’t feel like it, just enjoy what did make the show:

High on Fire “Blessed Black Wings” BBW (Denver, via Oakland)

Nevermore “Dreaming Neon Black’ DNB (Washington) (cue :09)
Queensryche “I Dream in Infrared” Rage for Order (Washington)
Demon Hunter “the Tide Begins to Rise” the Triptych (Washington)

Burnt by the Sun “Battleship” Perfect is the Enemy of Good (New Jersey)
Cephalic Carnage “Lucid Interval” LI (Colorado)
Dischordance Axis “Jigsaw” the Inalienable Dreamless (New Jersey)
the Dillinger Escape Plan “4th Grade Dropout” Calculating Infinity (New Jersey)
the Number 12 Looks Like You “To Catch a Tiger” Worse Than Alone (New Jersey)(cue :18)

Dead for Denver “Too Late to Panic” Naked Singularity (Colorado) (cue :11) (2013)
God Forbid “Broken Promise” Determination (New Jersey)
Fortheloveof “In Consequence” IC (New Jersey)
Strychnia “Ashes of Resurrection” the Anatomy of Execution (New Jersey)
Havok “Give me Liberty…” Unnatural Selection (Denver) (2013)

Folly “Broken” Resist Convenience (New Jersey)
Fear Before the March of Flames “Whiskey is Alright…” Art Damage (Colorado)
the Fall of Troy “Mouths Like Sidewinder Missiles” Doppleganger (Washington)
Vaux “On” On Life:Living (Colorado)
Thursday “Understanding in a Car Crash” Full Collapse (New Jersey)

MxPx “Today is My Way” Life in General (Washington)
the Bouncing Souls “True Believers” How I Spent My Summer Vacation (New Jersey)
Coheed & Cambria “Devil in Jersey City” the Second Stage Turbine Blade (NJ via Rockland NY)
Misfits “Night of the Living Dead” (New Jersey)
Melvins “Attitude” Everybody Loves Sausage (Washington) (2013) (Kinks cover)

Signal to Noise “the Wolves” Kodiak (Colorado)


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