mixtape: moshing platypus heroes

MPH noise radio Moshing Platypus Heroes editionYesterday was Australia Day. Well, it’s been called all kinds of names over the years (some less polite than others) but in general it is mean to remember the 1788 arrival of Governor Arthur Phillip’s First Fleet of British Ships in New Holland at what is now Port Jackson, New South Wales. The area was initially claimed by Lieutenant James Cook in 1770 for the British but the Dutch had land claims on the continent already and it was hardly a foregone conclusion the penal colony original slated for Botany Bay would create undisputed British rule (the French were also exploring at that same time, for example). Despite the questionable beginnings of the holiday, it’s become more of a celebration of Australia than a remembrance of this specific history.

In the past on MPH the show has explored the music of Sweden, Norway and Canada as nations, different US regions and even once modernizing the Cold War political splits, so doing an entire show dedicated to Australia and it’s history seemed like a no-brainer considering the wealth of awesome artists, especially recently, hailing from Down Under. Unfortunately, I don’t own something from everyone and I got the idea kind of late in the week so I couldn’t beg, borrow (and steal, horrid the thought, ha!) everything I could have included. Therefore, along with the listener requests and shout outs for new songs usually included, I expanded the reach of the show to take into account the influence of the Dutch and English on Australia. It made sense to me and it was fun to create those colonial transitions for the songs.

As with every show, the important part of it isn’t just about moshing to the music, it’s about learning something and being wildlife preservation is of utmost importance to me and Australia is flush with it. WAVE was the organization showcased, but there are a large number of local as well as international organizations that sponsor efforts to preserve the amazing flora and fauna that makes Australia a crown jewel of eco-diversity. After all, the island did give us the Platypus!

#MoshingPlatypusHeroes I’ve included the town name for the bands as a reference because the whole country really contributes to the sonic diversity, not just the couple of major cities most people associate.

Circles “So it is Below” Infinitas (2013) (Melbourne)

Mortification “Forsake the Flesh” the Silver Chord is Severed (Moorabbin)
Alchemist “New Beginning” Organasm (Canberra)
Napalm Death “the Chains that Bind Us” Harmony Corruption (Birmingham, England)
Pestilence “Distress” Obsideo (2013) (Enschede, Netherlands)
Psycroptic “Cleansing the Misguided Path” Symbols of Failure (Hobart, Tasmania)

Karnivool “We are” Asymmetry (2013) (Perth)
Karnataka “Shine” the Storm (Swansea, Wales) (edit beginning)
Porcupine Tree “Trains” Out Absentia (Hemel-Hempstead, Hertfordshire)
Battle Circus “Coupe de Silence” BC (Auckland, New Zealand)
the Eternal “to Drown” Sleep of Reason (Melbourne)
Serial Killer Smile “the Irrepressible” the Elephant in the Room (Perth)

the Amity Affliction “Chasing Ghosts” CG (Queensland) (hit play early)
Funeral for a Friend “Red is the New Black” 7 Ways to Scream Your Name (Bridgend, Wales)
Lower than Atlantis “Far Q” Far Q (Watford, Hertfordshire)
Follow you Home “What’s to Say” If it Kills Me (2013) (Derby)
Behind Crimson Eyes “Armageddonouttahere” BCE (Melbourne)

Chaos Divine “the Beaten Path” the Human Connection (Perth)
Alarum “the Signal” Natural Causes (Melbourne)
Legion of the Damned “Howling for Armageddon” Ravenous Plague (2014) (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Carcass”Unfit for Human Consumption” Surgical Steel (2013) (Liverpool, England)
Nexus “the Reckoning” the Paradise Complex (Perth)

the Levitation Hex “the Longest Path Possible” tLH (Canberra)


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