mixtape: Making Poe Heavy

MPH noise radio Making Poe Heavy edition MPH celebrates the influnce of Edgar Allen Poe this week. Best know for his tales of mystery and the macabre, he practically invented several genres while helping spearhead the approach to several others. His command of language and ability to set scenes even in the shortest of works inspires today all kinds of writers and the graphic nature of his works influences artists as a whole. After all, Poe is the centerpiece of a current hit TV show (the Following) as well as playing a big part of episodes for two of my favorites, the Simpsons and South Park over the years, to name but a few…

This is especially felt in music where lyricists have been cribbing Poe’s abilities for generations. The whole of the goth and doom genres owe a big credit to him and many of the artists routinely cite his work as part of their own development. Thus, this week’s KAOS radio Austin broadcast includes not only direct references to Poe’s classics but also artists who’s inspiration was more-or-less derived from the classic Poe ideal. As usual, the playlist is cross-genre, hits the archives as well as showcasing new songs and includes both listener requests and personal faves, which should make it somewhat predictable, and yet, I’m sure it’s anything but when you’re going for song-to-song, set-to-set as it only was supposed to make sense in my mind (and even there, maybe not so much so.


My Dying Bride “the Raven and the Rose” the Dreadful Hours

Iron Maiden “Murders in the Rue Morge” Killers **
AFI “totalimmortal” All Hallows EP
Thrice “the Red Death” the Illusion of Safty **
Tool “Sweat” Opiate (cue :10) (by request) **
Nevermore “the Heart Collector” Dead Heart in a Dead World

Before the Dawn “Alone” My Darkness (by request)
Amon Amarth “As Long as the Raven Flies” the Crusher
Dark Tranquility “Alone” Skydancer
Valhalla “Raven” Petrean Self
Arch Enemy “Through the Eyes of a Raven” Khaos Legions

Lake of Tears “Return of Ravens” the Neomi
Amorphis “Alone” Am Universium (cue :12)
the Gathering “Alone” home
Sent by Ravens ” Learn from the Night” Mean What You Say
Green Carnation “Alone” the Acoustic Versus (by request) **

Conducting from the Grave “Nevermore” Revenants **
Legion of the Damned Ravenous Plague (2014)
the Black Dahlia Murder “the Raven” Ritual
After the Burial “Pendulum” in Dreams
A Life Once Lost “Nevermore will i have an understanding” a Great Artist (by request)
Tourniquet “the Tell-Tale Heart” Crawl to China (by request) **

the Ocean “the City in the Sea” Aeolian **


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