quip: coconuts and bamboo

Wikipedia Russel Johnson photo for fair use>I’m not necessarily one for poking fun at death, although on the right occasion a well timed quip could be enough to illicit a giggle when all other emotions would lead to tears. Russell Johnson, the second actor to play The Professor Roy Hinkley, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. on the television show Gilligan’s Island passed away today. Sherwood Schwartz’s creation of a High School Science teacher and Scoutmaster castaway critical to the survival of the rest of the cast members because of his ingenious use of the island’s resources became the prototype for the likes of MacGuyver. Because of his quirky ways as the news was making the SocNet rounds I chimed in with:

That’s sad. He wasn’t able to reanimate himself with a couple of coconuts and bamboo shoots?

It seemed much better than the repetitively lame “well now they’ll never get off the island,” commentary so many others were making.


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