mixtape: making perfect humans

MPH noise Making Perfect HumansHuman beings always seem to be looking to make more perfect human beings. Science of all types seeks to re-purpose our flaws or otherwise reimagine our beings … physically, mentally or otherwise. Some of these attempts have not worked out as planned and the fictitious often make for pretty horror filled episodes. Even if the benefits outweigh the risks fear of the unknown can be particularly judgmental. Take for example genetic engineering and human cloning. Due to the sci-fi legacy, Sunday, back in 1998 ninteen the European Union decided to ban cloning. The US did so later in the year but not before the first successful human clone was created by Advanced Technology of a man’s leg and a cow’s egg for a therapeutic use.

The influence of M Shelly, A Huxley, WJ Williams, E Hand, and J Chase among others in literature really set the stage for TV and film like the Island, Star Wars, Moon, Star Trek, and into graphic novels like Aeon Flux and others. The list could be exhausting to procure and yet never exhaustive enough for people into the genre

Metal artists began borrowing from fantasy and science fiction at the very dawn of the genre and have basically perfected the craft of both lifting existing stories into their lyrics as well as for some in the sonic quality of the music itself. This week’s MPH explores some of the metallic mayhem of making perfect humans both in reference to literature and film and through their own imaginations. Narrowing the theme down to only two hours that included some listener input, some personal favorites and trying to work in some new tunes is both the challenge and the fun of doing the Sunday night show for KAOS radio. As usual some of my show notes are after the jump and the show itself is hardly exhaustive of the genre’s take on genetic manipulation itself.


Fear Factory “Replica” Demanufacture

Carcass “the Master Butcher’s Apron” Surgical Steel (2013)
Suffocation “Demise of the Clone” Souls to Deny
Death “Genetic Reconstruction” Spiritual Healing
Gojira “Clone” Terra Incognita (cue :27)
Deceased “Cloned” Surreal Overdose (cue :10)
Prototype “Synthsapian” Cloned (request)

Human Improvement Process “Artificial Savior” Deafening Dissonant Millennium (2013)
the Esoteric “Clone Culture & the Cut Up Method” Subverter
Xerath “Abiogenesis” I
Cephalic Carnage “Hybrid” Exploiting Dysfunction
Between the Buried & Me” Roboturner” Alaska (request)
Scarred “Psychogenesis” Gaia Media (2013)

Strychnia “Reanimated Monstrosity” ReaMon EP (feat. John Dying Fetus)(2013)
the Red Chord “One Robot to Another” Fed Through the Teeth Machine
Omnhility “Biogenesis” Biogenesis
Neuraxis “Xenobiotic” Truth
Sepultura “Biotech is Godzilla” Chaos AD (request)
Skeletonwitch “Born of the Light…” Serpents Unleashed (2013)

Legion of the Damned “Strike of the Apocalypse” Ravenous Plague (2014)
Divinity “Abiogenesis”
Scar Symmetry “Hybrid Cult” Symmetric Design
Becoming the Archetype “Artificial Immortality” Dichotomy
the Autumn Offering “March of the Clones” (request)
Living Sacrifice “Mask” Ghost Thief (2013)

Vision of Disorder “Clone” Imprint


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