quip: tauntaun vortex

tauntaun star wars figurineNew York City, along with large swaths of the nation are encased in what the media has whipped up into the hysteria of an Arctic Vortex. Suddenly, an unseasonably wicked cold snap is some kind of major meteorological even worth front pages. Maybe I’m getting old, but this isn’t the first time the mid-Atlantic was plunged into single digits, even if yesterday’s 5 degrees was the coldest Jan 7 ever, Central Park was -15 degrees 9 Feb 1934 for example.

Anyway, coworkers venturing into the cold for lunch were met with this quickie from me:

Don’t forget to bring your Tauntaun

which was met by quizzical looks and silence, so i continued:

…for the trip in case they need emergency warmth….


Then, spent next five minutes explaining. Five minutes none of us will ever get back.
Damned kids today.

Please tell me you know the reference… please! Star Wars, Episode V, the Empire Strikes Back when the rebellion is holed up on (the sixth planet of the) Hoth (system), Luke becomes stranded after escaping the Wampa he was attacke by during his meteroite tracking expedition. Han Solo, against the suggestion of fellow rebels, searches for Luke riding a Tauntaun, but unfortunately, after finding his friend, Han’s Tauntaun dies and Han temporarily uses the corpse as a warm shelter for Luke while awaiting rescue. There’s at least 5 classic lines from this early-in-the-film sequence everyone, not only Sci-Fi dorks, should know as cultural references.


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