spam poetry: wilst the way

Spam Uncanned from WikipediaHappy December. Wow, that was fast. This whole super late Thanksgiving thing is really driving me bonkers. It must be driving the spammers bonkers too because, as I’ve mentioned before, their work has been less than exciting.

This taste du jour is better than the last few … I particularly like the McFly McAfee combination thrown in for good measure. Eat it up:

Your part besides best parts companies like around Indiana, the item bears experiences of huge considerations very and wilst the way they will accommodate a online companies plus tiny as well as midsized agencies. McA Fly, the This Basic safety danger controller seemed to be included in one format from the Them media paper. The hugerecognition so it offers accumulated assisting the massive venture in light of addition to around the world has given the corporation a big achievements.


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