mixtape: merry people headbanging, the beginning

MPHimage_1Happy December to you moshing metalheads!

MPH is bringin the noiz with the first two installments of the twenty thirteen year in metal punk hardcore review by celebrating with Merry People Headbanging.

Oh, I know what you’re going to say, it’s too early to do year-in-review shows and it’s so cliche to boot. Well, you know what I have as a retort? Listen to the podcast later in the month then!

It was another interesting year for music overall. Many theories would suggest at my age my musical tastes should be firmly rooted and my propensity for discovery diminished for any number of reasons but mostly because I would feel a sense of comfort by embracing the familiar and established listening rituals of my more formative years. It’s always nice to buck theoretical nonsense like that and stamp out my own individual path. This week the first two episodes make up the beginning of the review which will pick up next week.

Merry people headbanging, of course, covers a wide range of metal, punk and hardcore, listener requests, personal faves and other releases of note from whatever I could cull together and was available to me. It’s impossible to do an exhaustive list of all the releases as I simply don’t own them all or have the time to review and catalog them (sorry if I missed one of yours).

Feel free to leave in the comments your faves and maybe they’ll magically appear next week, maybe I’ll pick them up for next year’s shows, maybe I’ll just read them and giggle (maybe)…

Till then, up the irons!

#MerryPeopleHeadbanging pt. 1
#MerryPeopleHeadbanging pt. 2

Extol “Open the Gates” self-titled

Feared “Your god” vinter
Carcass “Unfit for Human Consumption” Surgical Steel
Amon amarth “Coming of the Tide” Deceiver of the Gods
Revocation “Archfield” self-titled
the Black Dahlia Murder “Raped in Hatred…” Everblack

Cadaveric Spasm “Lady Una” Mambo Number Grind
Arsis “Martyred in the Morning” Unwelcome
Deeds of Flesh “Portals to Canaan” PTC
Human Improvement Process “Defeating Dissonant Millennium” DDM
Conducting from the Grave “Into the Rabbit Hole” CFTG

Intronaut “steps” habitual levitations
Deviante “Kubishev” Voronia
Cult of Luna “vertikal” passing through
Combat Astronomy “Quiet Mutiny” Kundalini Apocalypse
Jesu “Homesick” everyday I get closer

Soilwork “Spectrum of Eternity” the Living Infinite
Darkane “the Sinister Supremacy” tSS
Scarred “the Great Pandemic” Gaia Madea
Fractal Gates “Everblaze” Beyond the Self
Dreamshade “Sandcastles” the Gift of Life

Karnivool “We Are” Asymmetry

Volbeat “Pearl Hart” Outlaw Gentleman

Living sacrifice “the reaping” Ghost Theif
Byzantine “Forged in the Heart…” self-titled
I’m from the Government “CMXIX” IFTGAIHTH

Hypocrisy “Tales of the Spineless” End of Disclosure (feat. Jonas Scar Symmetry)
Pestilence “Soulrot” Obsedio
Kataklysm “Fire” Waiting for the End to Come
Suffocation “Eminent Wrath” Pinnacle of Bedlam

Vicinity “Mass Delusion” Awakening
Dream Theater “the Looking Glass” DT
Protest the Hero “Tilting Against Windmills” Volition

Clutch “Unto the Breach” Earth Rocker


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