spam poetry: canada goose

Spam Uncanned from WikipediaHappy Black Friday to ya!

I’m not sure if this was one of the laziest attempts ever at foiling a spam filter or one of the more genius ones at subliminal messaging. I feel an almost eerie connection to the Canada Goose now. Perhaps I need a goose down pillow?

Kodrnvebet. senbquis nutp iudi, dnuff oqinvkto. Canada ah goose futnsape eowu s wydouier down, djeuspi. Ctoudh lsdoduut wouep quin foidu qoue pozzed goose wupdu djevent polumu feather laanauen rori. Cecdenvet la qi coig duoun soft yevet oni ubert gahet warm denet wom noranvt von xenivet ho jacket. plebenvert con zoomi rovet hallarenivet canada.


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