mixtape: harvesting mph

MPHimage_1Another week, another double dose of MPH and that’s what makes the holiday bright.

I’m sure I have admonished readers before for the folklorishly quaint, rosy-colored prism American’s look at “the first Thanksgiving” in 1621 between the then struggling Pilgrim English Separatists and the Wampanoag tribe as a post-Harvest celebration near Plymoth and how little the average really knows about the foundation of the formal holiday. It didn’t exist nationally until a proclamation by Lincoln in 1863 during the Civil War as a way to provide commonality and solidarity in a divided nation. Why let fact get in the way of a little elementary school truthiness? Oh, lots of reasons but this is a metal show not a history class.

The Party934.com and KAOS radio Austin shows paired together nicely like turkey and stuffing or bourbon and beer to create an aurally excessive experience to fatten your brain with. Just don’t explode!

As you’d guess, it focuses on the harvest with lose interpretations of food, drink and the merriment associated with such gluttonous festivities. There’s a lot of variety with some metal, punk and hardcore, some classics and some brand new tunes, some raw stompers and some intellectual stumpers, some requests and some of my faves all rolled together like a chicken stuffed in a duck stuffed in a turkey, with a squab and ostrich included, just for good measure. The only note I have is due to time constraints it’s not two completely different shows, I recycled a couple of the new songs as I bring together the two audience bases and get myself accustomed to the extra programming time, by this time next week, anticipate a fully unique listening experiences.

Also, I remind you this time of year those less fortune need you more than ever, so do you part no just this week with the holiday for organizations like foodbanknyc.org and nyccah.org coalition against hunger but throughout the entire holiday season and through the 2014 winter months. Warm yourself up to the cause after the jump with some music to inspire you!

#HarvestingMPH pt. 1
#HarvestingMPH pt. 2

Lalu “Greed” Atomic Ark (2013)

Soilwork “Tongue” the Living Infinite (2013)
After the Burial “Bread Crumbs” In Dreams
Humanity’s Last Breath “Ingested” Structures Collapse
Lamb of God “Black Label” American gospel
Skeletonwitch “Blade on the Flesh, Blood on my Hands” Serpents Unleashed (2013)

Condusting from the Grave “the Harvest” CftG (2013)
Aborted “To Roast & Grind” Engineering the Dead
Abysmal Dawn “Salting the Earth” From Ashes
Gaza “the Meat of a Leg Joint” He is Never Coming Back
Cryptopsy “…And Then It Passe” And then You’ll Beg

Between the Burried & Me “Informal Gluttony” Colours
East of the Wall “Beasteater” Ressintiment
Converge “Worms Will Feed” Axe to Fall
Defeater “Empty Glass” Empty Days & Sleepless Nights

Living Sacrifice “American Made” Ghost Theif (2013)
If Hope Dies “Let Freedom Ring from the Taco Liberty Bell” the Ground is Rising
Nodes of Ranvier “Glass Half Nothing” the Years to Come
Children of Bodom “Sixpounder” Hate Crew Deathroll
August Burns Red “Provisions” Rescue & Restore (2013)

the Future of the Left” Bread, Cheese, Bow & Arrow” How to Stop Your Brain (2013)
Tourniquet “a Dog’s Breakfast” Psycho Surgery
Primus “Pudding Time” Frizzle Fry
Clutch “Wishbone” the Elephant Riders

Alove for Enemies “the Harvest” the Harvest

Lalu “Greed” Atomic Ark (2013)

Living Sacrifice “American Made” Ghost Theif (2013)
the Defaced Beneath my Swirl Karma in Black
the Haunted “Meat Wagon” EP
Skeletonwitch “Blade on the Flesh, Blood on my Hands” Serpents Unleashed (2013)

Modern Life is War “the Farmer’s Holiday Association” MLIWEP
From Autumn to Ashes “the After Dinner Payback” the Fiction We Live
Against Me “Pints of Guinness Make You Strong” Reinventing Axl Rose
a Wilhelm Scream “Wild Turkey” Partycrasher (2013)

Soilwork “Tongue” the Living Infinite (2013)
Symmetry “the Consciencous Eaters” Dark Matter Dimensions
Dark Tranquility “Hedon” the Mind’s I
August Burns Red “Provisions” Rescue & Restore (2013)

Opeth “Harvest” Blackwater Park


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