mixtape: veterans

MPHimage_1It just so happens that today’s Party934.com edition of MPH falls on Veteran’s Day (or Veterans Day, or Veterans’ Day, depending on how you were taught it). Veterans Day celebrates the service of all U.S. military veterans which began in 1947 as an extension of Armistice Day, while Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving which has its roots from Decoration Day that dates back to the American Revolution.

Technicalities aside, those brave humans who soldier on off to battlefields near and far in an effort to protect the ‘way of life’ we enjoy in our Democratic Republic are celebrated today and thus, I went through the archives of metal, punk and hardcore references to bring forth a candid view of what it means to serve. This isn’t all glory and honor rah, rah, rah either folks because service rarely is the experience that’s televised (not that I would know first hand, I was never fit for duty) so you’ll find a great variety of opinions and ideas within the hour’s worth of material.

I tried to balance the different view points, the different listener requests, my own interests in putting together a show that sonically flows, etc. and I think the end result is pretty good, even managing to pull in a couple of new songs to go along with some of the classics one might associate to a show like this. So strap on your listening gear and get your mosh on soldier style


Volbeat “A Warrior’s Call” Beyond Heaven / Above Hell
Ignite “Veteran” a Place Called Home
the Bounding Souls “Letter from Iraq” the Gold Album
Bad Religion “All Good Soldiers” Recipe for Hate
Most Precious Blood “Heroes & Conspiracies” Nothing in Vain
Boysetsfire “Release the Dogs”
As I Lay Dying “Behind Me Lies Another Fallen Soldier” Beneath the Encasing Ash
Herod “When Your Body Falls” For Whom the Gods…
Iron Maiden “Aces High” Powerslave
Iced Earth “Declaration Day” This Glorious Burden
Metallica “Disposable Heroes” Master of Puppets
Shadows Fall “Another Hero Lost” Threads of Life
Hypocrisy “Soldier of Fortune” end of Disclosure (2013)


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