spam poetry: in the magnet earth

Spam Uncanned from WikipediaPatti Hoff decided to “borrow” my email address and spam people she knew which resulted in me receiving her bad email bounce backs, thus providing me with yet another way to collect samples for the Friday Spam edition of posts. It’s a curious read as I don’t see too many of these anymore buried in the cacophony of image ads that usually flood the spam-box, which is really what attracted me to it…

In the magnet earth, — yea, thou with a storm for a heart,

Full soon they passed, for they rode fast,
Us more than friends –
We troubled his age with our weakness–the blacker our shame to us!
through pain—>
Ah me, though never an ear for song, thou hast
The accomplished Fact with flouts and flings,
Of one height to foe and friend–

They chain the hands might wash the stains away.
Must command but may not govern–shall enthral but not enslave him.


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