mixtape: Joan Of Liberation Metal

MPHimage_11429 Jeanne d’arc La Pucelle d’Orléans liberates Saint-Pierre-le-Moûtier. 2013 MPH does an entire show alluding to it on Party934.com. How does something like that happen? Well because I’m good like that. Joan of Arc isn’t just a national hero in French folklore in her deeds and death, she was also the source of much contravercy. Initially burned at the stake for “insubordination and heterodoxy” (read: heresy and witchcraft) and later canonized as a Catholic Saint and still subject to conspiracy and revisionist theory by both detractors and lamenters.

Nonetheless, the tales, factual and fictitious lend themselve to grand metallic interpretation and although little, if any, of tonight’s episode will actually cover Joan herself the references and parallels to martyrdom and sainthood she accomplished are easily portrayed throughout the range of metal, punk and hardcore available. The sonic distance covered is only matched by the eras I also managed to slip in along with some fun listener requests to round things out. There’s nothing I like more than a show that challenges the listener and still is enjoyable aurally, which this certainly does.

Strap on your musical armor and up the irons, Jeanne d’arc lives after the jump, including some of my show notes:


Gospel “What Means of Witchery” the Moon is a Dead World

Rise Against “Like an Angel” Revolutions Per Minutes (RPM10 2013 version)
Bad Religion “Heroes & Martyrs” New Maps of Hell
Social Distortion “Angel’s Wings” Sex, Love & Rock n’Roll

Skeleton Witch “Burned from Bone” Serpents Unleashed (2013)
Machine Head “Witch Hunt” Unto the Locust (Rush cover)
Trivium “Pull Harder…Your Martyr” Acendency
Mortification “Martyrs” Hammer the Gods

Arsis “Martyred or Mourning” Unwelcome (2013)
the End “Dear martyr” Within Dividia
Norma Jean “the Human Face: Divine” Bless the Martyr, Kiss the Cynic

Candlemass “Witches” Candlemass


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