quip: equal rights, equal fights

cock fight wikipediaThe New York Jets fans do not have a great reputation for etiquette at their home stadium (or any place they converge upon en masse for that matter) so when the hated rival New England Patriots came to town the other day one would expect bad manners to be in full force. An predictably of course, they were, and equal as predictable someone captured on cell phone camera the tail end of an altercation between a female Pats fan and a male Jets fan who has a previous criminal record that depicts the the woman getting a brutal haymaker from him.

There’s always more than meets the eye, which started a quite lengthy and controversial discussion on if it is ever right for a man to hit a woman (or more generally instigation & retaliation methodology). At some point the discussion needed something of a lighthearted note which resulted in this highly “liked” comment from me:

In Florida you don’t have to punch (anyone) back, just whip out your .38 and shoot ’em under the threat of imminent danger and protection of SYG law. Problem solved?


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