mixtape: sanguine stained metal

MPHimage_1In the run up for the All Hallow’s Eve celebration at the end of the month it only made sense to program a couple of shows inspired by the most twisted of holidays. Modern celebrations of American Cultural Secularism includes roots from throughout Europe and now throughout the world that drawn on diverse influences including Samhain, Calan Gaeaf and Christian theology as well as other such festivals as Yizkor and Pitru Paksha to name a few. With abundant references to the impending winter and the end of Harvest season, death, the supernatural and afterlife, martyrdom and so on strewn throughout as well as the sanguine moon typical of post-Autumnal equinox it’s of course, not surprising blood would have it’s place in the MPH noise on Party 934 broadcast.

The interesting thing about “sanguine stained metal” as a show theme was I originally was only going to do it as an All Hallow’s Eve one-off show but when the opportunity to move the mosh pit hell from Friday to Monday it meant the ability to do a wrap around show and extend the theme out for an extra hour.

I’m sad to be leaving Friday nights. It’s a great evening for mosh in all its forms. I had a decent regular following among the metal shows on the station and around the interwebs considering how little time I actually have to promote the show. Furthermore, the Friday Night Mosh used to also include Hard Corps 101 and then the Luke’s -Core show to keep horns in the air for the whole night. With HC101 departing the station, a number of Friday metal concerts to attend coming up, my own band scheduled to hit the studio soon and the need to actually have a social life on Friday nights it was time to move on. Thus “sanguine stained metal part ii” became the inaugural Monday Night Mosh of MPH noise and it went off not entirely without a hitch but nonetheless in a brutally bloody fashion.

Every song for two hours references blood. It’s but a small sampling of the sanguine stained catalog I have but what was fun were the listener contributions to go along with the new songs and classic fair I flipped over into the set. Catch both playlists and the podcast links after the jump. It’s the kind of show that would make Dexter Gordon truly happy to carve people up to. If you aren’t a serial killer yourself, feel free to just carve up your pumpkin…

#SanguineStainedMetal pt. i

Machine Head “Blood of the Zodiac” the More Things Change
Chimaira “All That’s Left is Blood” Crown of Phantoms 2013
the Autumn Offering “Bloodlust” TAO
the Haunted “Bloodletting” One Kill Wonder
Arch Enemy “Bloodstained Cross” Khaos Legend
Gorod “Tribute of Blood” a Perfect Absolution
Cryptopsy “Cold Hate Warm Blood” Whisper Supremacy
Soilent Green “Daydreaming in the Color of Blood” a Deleted Symphony
the Black Dahlia Murder “Blood Mine” Everblack 2013
Woe of Tyrants “Bloodsmear” Threnody By Request
Unearth “Bloodlust of the Human Condition” the Oncoming Storm
Killswitch Engage “Bloodstains” Disarm the Descent 2013
Heaven Shall Burn “Blood of the Martyr” Whatever it May Take By Request

#SanguineStainedMetal pt. ii

Apostate “Raised on the Blood of Heroes” Seaborne
Carcass “a Congealed Clot of Blood” Surgical Steal 2013
Slayer “Raining Blood” Reign in Blood By Request
Sepultura “Roots Bloody Roots” Roots By Request
Amon Amarth “Blood Eagle” Deceiver of the Gods 2013
Suffocation “Blood Oath” Blood Oath
Bloodbath “Bath in Blood” Resurrection through Carnage
Dying Fetus “the Blood of Power” Reign Supreme #NewMusic by Request
Conducting from the Grave “When Two Blood Types Coalesce” Trials of the Forsaken
ALove For Enemies “Blood Flower” Broken Pledge
Nightrage “Shed the Blood” Wearing the Martyr’s Crown
Tourniquet “Antiseptic Bloodbath” ASB

And, that wasn’t even all the good bloodwerk to be had either, I have easily enough songs for another two episodes of full on metal slaying without even hitting a punk, hardcore and grind type of show (which doesn’t clock the full hour despite the number of songs, but I digress…)

for now AMC says it’s a Mike Myers kind of night, so I’m going to watch some slaying of another kind (my favorite kind, old school suspense-horror essentially done in the single best one-two punch ever written – RABBIT IN THE RED beotches!)


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