today i ate: harvest-on-hudson

harvest on hudson logoThe river towns in the Hudson Valley of New York are taking on increased culinary importance as the migration of foodies from the hip NYC neighborhoods find their way outside the confines of the five boroughs. Generally, this is a good thing because many of those historic towns were under the threat of homogenization and these sole proprietorships bring a level of quality across the board in what they do that it undermines the feasibility of genericisim. Harvest-on-Hudson in Hastings-on-Hudson is one such example of this.

This was not the first trip to Harvest, which sits right on the banks of the lower Hudson River’s eastern shore thus providing extraordinary views of the Palisades, sunsets and the grandness of the Tapan area of the river. Apart from the wonderfully manicured parkland that surrounds it, the restaurant offers a terrace and patio along with an Inn style interior that are all quite grand themselves.

And then, there’s the food which one might describe as contemporary, Italian-influenced and inspired by their fully-functional garden and local produce and farm products. In the previous trips, Harvest never failed to delight and this one was no different.

First, as part of the usual Bacon & Bourbon feature:

Bite The Bullet:
Bulleit Bourbon, St Germain, Mint, Lemon and Blood Orange Bitters

Let me just say I shared this with my wife who has a disdain for the brown liquor and she was floored by it. I think she would have readily traded cocktails if I would have allowed her to. It’s well balanced falling a bit more on the “sweet” side that one might expect with the citrus tones really driving the front of the flavor and the bourbon floating back on the thing delicately.

There was a second option to the menu that was interesting, but sounded more predictable: Makers Mark Bourbon, Cynar, Sweet Vermouth, Candied Cherries

As for dinner, the meal itself was absolutely exquisite in every way. If I had but one complaint, it was the number of birthday celebrations that evening seem to overwhelm the staff, so much so that our nuptials celebration went hardly noticed by our less-than attentive server. Oh well, grandma and grandpa needed their cakes.

Warm Hudson Valley Ricotta & Truffle Honey
Salad Of Local Tomatoes & Maple Brook Farms Burrata with garden basil vinaigrette
Carpaccio Di Manzo (thinly sliced filet mignon), micro arugula, aged parmesan, virgin olive oil, sea salt

House Made Pepe Fettuccini, chanterelle, oyster, shitake mushrooms, arugula, pecorino romano
Gnocchi With Braised Oxtail, truffle butter, mascarpone, red wine braise & sage

House Made Gelato (pistachio & Nutella)
Espresso & Vin Santo

The only other ‘of note’ was the gnocchi weren’t quite a light and airy as I would have expected from a restaurant of the caliber. It was definitely above average for the normal Americanized palette but perhaps tougher than I would otherwise have liked. The sauce and the delicacy of the oxtail more than made up for it.


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