today i ate: Alex’s Resaurant, Poughkeepsie

Alex's Restaurant PoughkeepsieThere’s nothing more genius that a quality breakfast. In an age were the meal is increasingly on-the-go it’s nice to still find quality lunch counter style places to sit down at and get some good morning grub. Coming from the land of the diner (New Jersey) these are quite common but in the mid-Hudson region a place like Alex’s is a welcome find. Although the hotel offers a free continental breakfast it was well worth the short walk and couple of dollars to get a meal that the memory of would last the whole day at a place that just feels all “upstate New Yorky” when you walk in.

I’d been before, so it wasn’t a completely new experience for me, but breakfasts were and as with other meals, the short order chef didn’t disappoint. A small sampling of what I had (updated post-posting) during our stay in Poughkeepsie included:

Poached Egg, Goat cheese, Hickory Smoked Bacon and Hollindaise Sauce served as a breakfast sandwich on a lightly toasted English muffin and a side of Greek yogurt with a drizzle of honey

Greek Omelet: featuring Feta cheese, sauteed spinach, smoked bacon, Greek style sausage and potatoes (yes potatoes in the omelet) with homemade rye toast and fresh seasonal fruits

Avocado, Tomato, Basil melt with hand pulled mozzarella cheese, hickory smoked bacon served on an English muffin and a side of hand cut sweet potato fries

Now, I can’t tell you that the bacon or cheese or for that matter even the eggs were sourced locally but everything was fresh tasting, well prepared and plated with care considering this is little more than a glorified upscale diner.

It did come complete with a waitress who clearly enjoyed her job and probably worked there for decades along with a cast of character regulars who provided ample personality that fits every stereotype of the small town main street local.

Did I mention the food was good?

Everyone who joined me for breakfast the three days seemed to really like what they got too so the ringing endorsements go beyond must my writing here.


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