mixtape: Gregorian Calendar Metal

MPHimage_1Friday’s MPH noise on Party 934 took on the theme of time. In 1582 Pope Gregory XIII implemented a calendar to fix miscalculations in the original Julian Calendar In Italy, Poland, Portugal, and Spain, October 4 was followed directly by October 15 when the calendar was rolled out. And you thought the International Date Line caused problems with people’s birthdays! I didn’t fine a good record of the chaos I assumed this caused, but I did become inspired me to sort through my catalog to find songs about time itself.

There’s a wide range of lyrical depictions of time: the passing of time, the manipulation of time, events frozen in time and so on. Due to this variety I tried to also piece together an aural arrangement that also tells the story of time not just through clever lyrics. What ended up happening was a fairly wide range of different metal styles (no squarely hardcore or punk songs this week, unfortunately). Due to some technical issues on Hard Corps 101 the normally hour long set was extended by about 20 minutes which not only tested my improvisational ability on the mic (and MPH noise live tweets) but also my disc jockey stills piecing an ad hoc extention of the set together.

All in all it was a good night to feel inspired by the possibilities of time, through music.
You know what else is inspiring? Feel the Music! engages, inspires and empowers children, teens and adults through music. Founded and run by musicians and artists, Feel the Music! provides concerts, music and art workshops, music lessons, performance and recording opportunities, music mentoring, teacher training programs, public outreach and opportunities for international exchange. One of the interesting programs mentioned on their site is the F T M Saturday programs for those impacted by Sept 11. To learn more about what they do and how you can help head over to feelthemusic.org

Get the full details of the show and the podcast link after the jump:


Buried Inside “Time as Ideology” Chronoclast
Killswitch Engage “Time Will Not Remain” Disarm the Descent (2013)
Loch Volstock “Destruction Time Again” DTA (cue :02)
Vicinity “the Time for Change” Awakening (2013)
Fractal Gates “Timeless” Beyond the Self (2013)
Illdisposed “No More Time” 1800 Vindication
Napalm Death “Time to Kill” Utopia
Edge of Sanity “Passage of Time” Crimson II
Testament “the Burning Times” Demonic
Extol “a Gift Beyond Human Reach” self-titled (2013)
Alchemist “Nothing in No Time” Tripsis
Becoming the Archetype “the Time Bender” I Am
Crowbar “Wrath of Time Be Judgement” Broken Glass

plus a special addition to extend the hour
Anthrax “Time” Persistence of Time
Dream Theater “Got the Time” Images & Words


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