spam poetry: take care of to keep it smart

Spam Uncanned from WikipediaLately, I’ve had a pretty good mix of post-reply spam, email spam and the occasional other sourced piece of spammer work. I also was forwarded a few spam poems that were actually recycled spam turned into actual poetry. As tempting as it was to begin a catalog of those kind of works (perhaps produced myself) straight up posting spam still seems like the way to go when I stumble upon something this worthy:

Excellent goods from you, man
it doesnt disappoint me
you’re just extremely wonderful
however I truly thought youd have
your stuff previous to and
when you werent too busy
that you could possibly fix
what you’ve acquired here
I read a blog, I hope that
you still take care of to keep it smart
whining about something
make it entertaining


About thedoormouse

I am I. That’s all that i am. my little mousehole in cyberspace of fiction, recipes, sacrasm, op-ed on music, sports, and other notations both grand and tiny:
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